How Central Oregon can Prepare for the ‘Big Shake’

Scientists aren’t sure when “the big one” will hit, but they are certain that a massive earthquake will occur along the Cascadia Subduction Zone which will shake the coast from Northern California to British Columbia, Canada.

Current projections estimate that everything west of Interstate 5 will suffer widespread damage, and massive tsunami will wipe out areas along the coast.

According to FEMA the quake and subsequent tsunami will likely kill up to 13,000 people, and displace up to a million throughout the Pacific Northwest. Many of those survivors will be seeking shelter and safety to the east, which means here in Central Oregon.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan stopped by “Oregon Prepared,” where local emergency management teams are discussing how Central Oregon can prepare to handle and help when this catastrophe hits.


Local Irrigation Districts Strive for Efficiency

Irrigation project in Oregon have received significant state and federal funding since 2015 in order to repair and replace aging waterways. The Tumalo and Three Sisters Water Districts are some that are hoping to create more efficient waterways.
Central Oregon Daily’s caught up with local officials for a celebration of some progress on those new irrigation systems.

Emergency Personnel from Across the State Meet in Bend

Emergency managers from all over the state of Oregon are in Bend this week for the 6th annual ‘Oregon Prepared’ workshop. Over the next four days, they’ll be discussing a number of potential safety risks and risk management strategies for the state.
Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan stopped by today to see what was on the agenda.

Generous Donation to Help Local Animal Shelter

The Humane Society of Central Oregon was the beneficiary of a huge donation of over 8,000 lbs of dog and cat food. The food was donated by Free Kibble, an organization started by an 11-year-old here in Bend, and now reaches almost million people helping pets looking for their forever homes.

The Humane Society spread the wealth, donating some of the food to the Humane Society of the Ochocos, Herd You Needed a Home and Street Dog Hero.

Local Leaders Appointed to State Wildfire Council

In the face of growing wildfire dangers Oregon Governor Kate Brown created a wildfire council to help Oregon’s wildfire management make decisions on how to best fight fires and mitigate fire danger in the future. Two Central Oregon leaders have been asked to participate; Bend Mayor Sally Russell and Captain Tricia Connolly of Bend Fire were both appointed to the 37 member council.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan sat down with Russell to see what she hopes she can accomplish with this new appointment.

Meet the Finalists for Bend-La Pine’s New Principal

The newest high school in the Bend-La Pine School District isn’t slated to open for another two years, but the district is already narrowing down the field of potential principals. Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan was live from the Education Center last night where the community was invited to meet the four finalists still in the running.

Bumpy Commutes Continue in Bend due to Rough Roads

After record breaking snowfall residents of Bend are stilling feeling the effects as ice, slush and snow continues to cause problems on local roadways.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan attended a meeting at the Bend City Council where they discussed the financial impact of last weeks snowfall and how the clean up is going to continue.

Deschutes County DA To Request More Staff From County

A recent review of the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office found that the office didn’t have enough staff to handle the growing caseload. 
District Attorney John Hummel is saying that without a budget increase to hire more staff, the office may not be able to prosecute low-level crimes in Deschutes County in the future.
Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan talked with Hummel about his concerns after he held a press conference on Wednesday.