St Charles to Close Redmond Birthing Center

After months of discussion, and despite public outcry, St. Charles Health System has announced that birthing services will no longer be available in Redmond. St. Charles says the decision was made because the labor unit in Redmond was consistently less than half full – but community members and nurses are concerned what the decision could mean for mothers who will now have to travel to Bend to give birth.
The health center in Redmond will continue to supply pre- and post-natal services, but the birthing center will shut its doors next summer.

Local Business Plans to Fight Under Armour Lawsuit

Bend-based clothing company Cascade Armory isn’t planning to shut down anytime soon, despite the cease and desist letter they received from sports-wear giant Under Armour.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan spoke with Cascade Armory owners today to hear how they plan to fight the lawsuit.

Redmond City Council Hopes to Keep Birthing Center Open

The Redmond City Council is discussing a resolution tonight that would encourage St. Charles to keep the birthing center at its Redmond facility open. The potential closing of the birthing center has become a hot button issue for medical professionals and community members, and Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more on the story.

Investigation Continues into Fatal Shooting in Bend

Bend Police and the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office are still investigating the cause of a shooting in the McCall Landing neighborhood in northeast Bend.
On Monday night the District Attorney’s office released this press release with the most recent information about the incident:

“In the early morning hours of October 20th the sleepy Northeast Bend neighborhood of McCall Landing was the scene of a horrific and tragic incident that resulted in the deaths of 33-year-old Bend resident Kyle Adams and 31-year-old Bend resident Tyler Herrick. 


Adams was asleep in his bedroom when he was awoken by his neighbor Herrick who was standing in the bedroom.  Herrick had no permission to be in the house, much less Adams’ bedroom.  Herrick spouted off unintelligible gibberish and Adams demanded that he leave.  Herrick left the bedroom and the house.


Adams texted his roommate, 31-year old Bend resident Brennan Pebbles. Adams told Pebbles that Herrick had entered the house without permission.  Pebbles immediately came home from work. 


Adams and Pebbles were in their living room discussing what Herrick had done. While they were talking, and unbeknownst to them, Herrick approached the front yard of their home with an AR-15 rifle.  Herrick stood in front of the living room window, aimed his rifle at Adams and Pebbles, and fired multiple shots that shattered the front window.  At least one of the rounds struck Adams who eventually died from his injury.


Pebbles fled from the living room and ran upstairs.  Once upstairs he grabbed his gun and hid in the bathroom of the master bedroom.  Herrick fired multiple shots at the front door, and entered the home and methodically hunted Pebbles down in a room-to-room search.  When Herrick entered the master bedroom, Pebbles shot and killed him.


Herrick had no justification to be in Adams and Pebbles’ home and no justification to open fire on them.  Adams and Pebbles had done nothing to entice Herrick or to cause his ire.  The investigation into what caused Herrick to do what he did is continuing.  What is clear now is that Pebbles’ decision to shoot Herrick was legally authorized and saved his life.” 


Statement from Deschutes County District Attorney Hummel:


“My heart goes out to Brennan Pebbles as he struggles with the pain of seeing his friend murdered next to him, being hunted down himself, and then shooting and killing the assailant to save his life.  Kyle Adams’ family is mourning the loss of a loved one who went to bed in his own home and woke up in a warzone.  He did nothing wrong and will be missed.  Why did Tyler Herrick do what he did? We don’t know yet but won’t stop digging until we figure it out.  Our community deserves answers and we’ll do our best to provide them.”  

Council Looks to Take Action on Boddie Allegations

The Bend City Council is taking on a controversial issue tonight, they’re considering whether or not to censure fellow councilor Nathan Boddie. In July allegations surfaced that Boddie groped a woman in a bar. Since then many groups have rescinded their support for Boddie as the democratic candidate for Oregon House District 54 and at least one city council has also asked Boddie to step down from the city council.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan was live from City Hall tonight where the meeting was just getting underway.

Rep. Walden Visits Redmond Band of Brothers

Just a head of the November election, Oregon Representative Greg Walden made a stop at the Redmond chapter of the “Band of Brothers.” During his visit, Walden spoke about what he’s trying to do to help improve care for Oregon veterans and honored one local veteran in particular.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan was in Redmond this afternoon and has more on the story.

Officials Still Weighing Options for Redmond Birthing Center

For 10 months the fate of the Redmond Birthing Center has been the topic of discussion for a task force, which has now presenting three options to the St. Charles board of directors. One of those options would mean closing delivery services at the Redmond location, an idea that local nurses opposed.
Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more on the story.