Advertising in the President Trump Era

Press conferences like the one this morning showed the wide range of issues and topics that President Trump has tackled in his first four weeks in office. Because of the barrage of high-profile policies coming out of the White House, some companies are scrambling to figure out how their brand will fare under this new administration.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel spoke with DVA Advertising & Public Relations about the risky business of trying to market your brand with a message in today’s political climate.

Oregonians Join the New “Indivisible” Movement

A new protest movement is taking hold across the country right now, and a Central Oregon congressional representative is one of the many targets. It’s called the “Indivisible” movement, based on a sort of how-to manual with the same name that was released right after the election of President Trump, but it’s tactics are not really new. They look a lot like the protests held by the Tea Party movement after the election of President Obama.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel has the story.

UPDATE – Rep. Greg Walden will hold a telephone town hall meeting at 10:45am Oregon time on Monday. If you would like to participate, head to Rep. Walden’s website at

History Repeating Itself

Marda Stoliar is a native Oregonian and longtime Bend resident. When she sees the headlines surrounding the Syrian refugee crisis, she can’t help but think of the plight of her late husband, David Stoliar, a Jewish refugee who was the lone survivor of a World War II tragedy in 1942 known as the “Holocaust at Sea.”

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel sat down to talk with her about the parallels between today’s refugee crisis and the Jews who were trying to escape Nazi Germany more than 70 years ago.

Pacific Northwest Reacts to Immigration Executive Order

Oregon’s State Attorney General, Ellen Rosenblum, is one of 15 Attorney Generals who signed a letter over the weekend, threatening legal action over President Trump‘s travel ban and immigration policies. Today, Washington’s State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, followed through with that threat.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel joins us with the latest.

Bend Woman Travels to North Dakota to Deliver Supplies to Water Protectors

After months of protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Standing Rock Sioux and their supporters have been ordered to leave their campsites in North Dakota by Monday. As the deadline nears, members of Native America tribes in Oregon, along with other supporters of the cause, are heading to North Dakota right now to serve as “human shields” for the water protectors.

A Bend woman just returned from her 5th trip to the reservation after bringing truckloads of supplies to the water protectors, mostly donated by Central Oregon residents and businesses.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel reports on why she has made this her mission for the past two months.

Bend Man Documents Daily Life of Water Protectors in North Dakota

In the Native American Dakota language, the word “oahe” means a “place to stand on.”

For months now, Lake Oahe has been the place where the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies have chosen to make their stand, setting up camps and blocking roads to try to stop the completion of the $3 billion Dakota Access Pipeline. They call themselves water protectors, and people from all over the world are making pilgrimages to North Dakota to stand with them, including two men from #inBend, who are documenting the daily life of the water protectors for the group, Rise Up International.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel spoke with one of them after a week full of confrontations and conflict.

Children Make Up Large Percentage Of Accidental Death Victims

A new study shows that a child is killed every 48 hours in the United States, either self-inflicted, or at the hands of another child or adult. The largest percentage of those deaths are accidental shootings.

As Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel reports, the parents of some accidental shooting victims are calling for harsher penalties for gun owners who make it too easy for kids to get a hold of a loaded unlocked gun in a home.

Local Champion Joins Professional Ranks

Bend boxer Alberto Rivas is already a three-time Golden Gloves State Champion in Oregon, so there was very little left to pursue after five years at the amateur level. So, he and his trainer at the Deschutes County Rocks Boxing Gym have decided to turn pro. He’ll step into the ring in Medford this weekend for the most important fight of his life.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel was there today when Rivas signed his first professional contract.

Warm Springs Tribe Members Protest Pipeline in North Dakota

In the past few weeks, a Native American tribe’s protest against an oil pipeline has evolved from a legal challenge to a full blown nationwide protest movement. The pipeline is being built across four states, including North Dakota where the Standing Rock Sioux say the pipeline’s path is disturbing burial grounds and could contaminate their water source. After crews moved ahead with construction on Labor Day weekend, tribal members from all over the country descended on North Dakota including two members of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation tribe.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel has their story.