Reclassification of High School Athletic Conferences

A committee of athletic directors and high school administrators is looking at major changes in the state’s conferences. Changes that could separate Bend’s high schools from Redmond high schools for the first time in more than a decade. They’ve scheduled a public hearing for Monday in Wilsonville to get input from other athletic directors, administrators and parents on the latest proposals.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel looks at how the “class shuffle” could change with whom and where our local athletes compete.

House Passes Bill to Reinforce Protections Along the Upper Deschutes River

A proposed bridge being considered for the last five years could face more hurdles after the House unanimously passed State Representative Gene Whisnant’s bill on Wednesday afternoon. The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration. The chairman of the board of directors for the Bend Park and Recreation District says if the bill becomes law, it could mean the end for any chance to build the bridge and connect the Deschutes River Trail from Tumalo to Sunriver.

Marijuana Growing Operation Denied on Appeal

For the first time since Deschutes County opted in to allow commercial marijuana growing operations, County Commissioners had to consider an application for one east of Bend off Alfalfa Market Road. Some were surprised by today’s outcome.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel has details on Wednesday’s meeting and what it could mean for future growers trying to start operations in rural parts of Deschutes County.

Walden Supporter Talks About Recent Protests and Controversy Leading Up to Town Hall

With all of the protests surrounding U.S. Representative Greg Walden in Bend over the last few weeks, you might think his seat will be in danger in the next election, but Representative Walden has been re-elected nine times since winning his seat in 1998, including last November’s election, in which he got 72 percent of the vote in Deschutes County.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel talked with one of Representative Walden’s supporters who talks about why he believes he is part of a larger silent majority.

District Attorney Critical of U.S. Attorney’s Move to Disband Scientific Panel

Forensic science has become an increasingly important tool in the prosecution and defense of criminal cases. Since 2013, an independent group of scientists, attorneys and law enforcement have been working on setting new and improved standards in forensics to make sure that junk science never determines the outcome of a case.

As Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel reports, District Attorney John Hummel is worried about the change that could affect the integrity of criminal cases here and across the country.

TEDxBend Speaker Highlights Being Black in Central Oregon

Every year, TEDx hosts TEDxBend in Bend featuring speakers with interesting takes on technology, entertainment and design. Tickets go on sale Friday at for this year’s event, and one of the speakers will be Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan, whose talk is about “Being Black In Bend.”

Our content manager, Curtis Vogel, sat down with Anyssa to talk about her experiences as an extreme minority here in Central Oregon.

Supper Club: The Next Generation of Churchgoers

Three guests, good food, and a glass of wine at Pine Tavern Restaurant … those are the ingredients for our weekly Supper Club series, brought to you by Great American Furniture Warehouse.

They’re called “none and dones,” a term being used to describe young people who either don’t have a religious affiliation or have decided they’re not going to go to church anymore. For this week’s Supper Club, Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel sat down with three local religious leaders to get their take on this trend among the next generation of potential churchgoers.

Supper Club: Religion and Politics

Three guests, good food, and a glass of wine at Pine Tavern Restaurant … those are the ingredients for our weekly Supper Club series, brought to you by Great American Furniture Warehouse.

From the question of whether to provide shelter for immigrants to weighing in on President Trump’s travel ban, church leaders across the country are being thrust more into the political arena. For this week’s edition of Supper Club, pastors from three local churches sat down with Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel to talk about the church’s role in the stories making national headlines.

Senator Merkley Holds Three Consecutive Town Halls in Central Oregon

The new health care plan being debated in Congress was the hottest topic at three town halls hosted by Senator Jeff Merkley in Central Oregon over the weekend.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel went to Madras, Prineville and Redmond, where constituents expressed their concerns about the proposed American Health Care Act.