Caregiver Found Guilty of Reckless Endangerment, Not Guilty on Felony Charges

A Bend caregiver has been found guilty on two misdemeanor counts, but not guilty on more serious charges, after being accused of indecent acts and sleeping on the job while taking care of the 14-year-old disabled boy.

Deschutes County Judge Micheal Adler found 54-year-old Craig Randleman guilty on two counts of recklessly endangering another person, after a “nanny cam” caught Randleman sleeping, on one occasion, and masturbating, on a different day. However, the judge found Randleman not guilty of criminal mistreatment, which is a felony, and not guilty of public indecency.

Central Oregon Daily’s Cydney McFarland has more from today’s decision.

Humane Society: Pinwheel the Puppy

Lynne Ouchida from the Humane Society of Central Oregon, joins us with Pinwheel, a lovable and wiggly little pupper who loves to give kisses and is just looking for a best friend who can help her be the best Central Oregon canine citizen she can be. Do we no her breed? Not really, but she’s 100 percent joy.

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Can Cancer

Susan Baker and Corinne Martinez joined Central Oregon Daily to talk about Can Cancer’s decade of activity in Central Oregon. CAN Cancer is a local appeal to provide community assistance to cover non-medical living expenses for Central Oregonians fighting all forms of cancer. More information on Can Cancer can be found here (