Chinese Herbs Offer Alternative Relief for Pain Sufferers

Health officials recorded the largest-ever annual jump in drug overdose deaths in 2016 and the opioid epidemic is at the heart of this public health crisis. More than 2 million Americans are estimated to be dependent on opioids and an additional 95 million have used prescription painkillers in the past year.

Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson talks with the owner of Pacific Herbs, a local company that provides a natural form of pain relief, and possibly a solution to the crisis.

Destination Oregon: Climbing at Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock State Park in Terrebonne is full of trails for everyone from novice walkers to avid hikers, but the towers of rock can be intimidating for those who aren’t used to rock climbing.

For tonight’s Destination Oregon, sponsored by Robberson Ford, Mackenzie Wilson joins Chockstone Climbing Guides‘ Jim Ablao to show that you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy some of the best rock climbing areas in the country.

New Program Designed to Treat Dementia

As baby boomers grow older the numbers of Americans dealing with dementia are growing as well, and here in Central Oregon some experts, such as Mary Callison of the  Wellness & Education Board of Central Oregon (WEBCO), say we don’t have enough facilities and resources to deal with that growing population.

For tonight’s cover story, Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson looks at a program designed by the Central Oregon Health Council to help family members, caregivers and medical professionals detect and treat this devastating condition.

Local Canine Stars on New ABC Show

The star of a new ABC primetime show lives right here in Central Oregon.

The main character of Downward Dog is Martin, and not too long ago, the dog who plays Martin was looking for his forever home in a shelter in Chicago.

Now, Ned flies all over the country for big Hollywood shoots, but he still found time for the little guys and an interview with Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson.

Local Teen to Audition for National Singing Competition

One of the highest rated television series for nearly a decade is returning in 2018, and the auditions for American Idol are kicking off this August.

Portland is scheduled to be one of the first locations for auditions. For one Bend teenager, the return of Idol means a chance at his dream, just a quick drive over the mountains.

We introduce you to Austin Brown, a talented singer who’s a regular at open mic nights around Central Oregon, and someone you could see on a much bigger stage in the near future.

Instagram: @austin_brown5

High School Class Prepares Students for Flight

At 15 years old most high schoolers are just starting to learn how to drive a car, but in Sisters, Oregon there’s a class full of teenagers who are taking that up a notch.

The Flight Science class at Sisters High School is putting kids in the pilot’s seat, and as Mackenzie Wilson shows, the program isn’t just helping them spread their wings for fun, many of the students plan to go on to careers in aviation.

Young Athlete Catches the Eye of Hometown Hero Ashton Eaton

Running is not something that everyone enjoys. In fact, a lot of us completely dread it. So, when we heard about a little boy in Redmond, Oregon who loves running so much that he literally ran through multiple pairs of shoes in less than a month, we knew we had to meet him.

In the story, we show you how Family Access Network, a local non-profit, and FootZone of Bend swooped in to save the day so Jacob Yep’s shoes can now finally keep up with him.

Oregon Senate Votes on $8.2 Billion Budget

It’s already the biggest school budget in Oregon’s history, but a proposed $8.2 billion state education fund has administrators across the state saying they need more.

Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson breaks down the proposal and talks to Redmond School District Superintendent Mike McIntosh about the impact that budget could have on schools across Central Oregon.