The Great Outdoors: Deschutes River Cleanup

The Deschutes River is undeniably the crown jewel of Bend, bringing visitors and new residents to our city because of the recreational and fishing opportunities it provides. For this week’s Great Outdoors, Brian Jennings introduces us to the army of volunteers who protect that jewel and keep it clean and shiny for the rest of us.

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Bryer Wolf

Katie Lipson of Bryar Wolf pillow company in Bend joins Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel, Lisa Carton and Jack Church to show off her businesses’ handmade pillows and blankets.

Destination Oregon: Pendleton Woolen Mills

Many of us have them. They keep us warm and often become family heirlooms. The Pendleton blanket is a uniquely Oregon product that has been around for over a century. In this week’s Destination Oregon, Dave Jones takes us to the Pendleton Woolen Mills.

A special thanks to John Boston for showing us around. Join us every Thursday when we take you to some of our state’s most beautiful and interesting locations for our Destination Oregon series.

Don’t Feed the Deer

Feeding local wildlife could be leading to their domestication and can attract predators like coyotes and cougars into more residential areas. Central Oregon Daily’s Brian Jennings sits down with local wildlife experts to discuss the issues that arise when humans start feeing local deer.