Jack Compares Real Estate Prices in New Jersey

We all know home prices in Bend continue to rise and for the average household income it’s near impossible to afford the median price of homes in Bend. Each week Jack Church searches to see what the average income can purchase in Bend while also comparing this to cities of similar size in other states around the country. This week our comparison city is Toms River, New Jersey with a population close to the same as Bend.

Great Outdoors: Steens Mountain Cow-Free Wilderness Area

If you’ve ever been out to the Steens Mountain area in southeast Oregon, you know how pristine it appears today, but it didn’t get that way without help.

For this week’s Great Outdoors, sponsored by Camp Abbot Trading Company in Sunriver, Brian Jennings looks at a federal program to create a cow-free zone in the area and return to the land to the healthy grazing spot that it once was.