The Great Outdoors: Prescribed Burns Around the High Desert Museum

It’s that time of year when fire officials start lighting controlled burns to get rid of potential fuels on the ground for the upcoming wildfire season.

For this week’s Great Outdoors, Central Oregon Daily’s Brian Jennings takes a look at a prescribed burn scheduled to take place around one of the region’s biggest attractions, the High Desert Museum.

Thanks Brian for that report.

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Weatherman Jack Church Says Goodbye

After more than 35 years in and around the broadcast journalism business, Chief Meteorologist Jack Church is taking a new path in his life.
You may have noticed Jack’s interest in the real estate market in his weekly “comparison” segments he does on the 3pm show.
He and his wife have decided to become real estate agents, and Jack will be leaving to pursue his new career at the end of this week.
Friday is Jack’s last day with Central Oregon Daily.
We’d like to thank Jack for being such an integral part of the launch of Central Oregon Daily, and he will be missed.
Here is today’s announcement.

Rajneeshee Ranch

It’s been more than 30 years since the followers of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh abandoned a 64-thousand acre property in Central Oregon near Antelope. 
Today, there is a renewed interest in the Rajneeshees and the ranch they occupied because of a popular new Netflix documentary called “Wild, Wild Country.”

Central Oregon Daily’s Brian Jennings headed out to the ranch to visit with the new owners of the land for tonight’s Cover Story.

War Stories: Nicolas Mezzanatto

In our weekly War Stories series, we tell the stories of Central Oregon’s war veterans–some who made it back from their war and some who didn’t. This week, War Stories producer Warren Shultz introduces us to the story of Nicolas Mezzanatto.

Thanks to Nicolas Mezzanatto for sharing his story.

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