Living Well

Central Oregon Daily’s Donna Britt and Lisa Carton talk with Kim Curley of Living Well about the upcoming workshops that are meant to help improve the lives of people living with chronic conditions, as well as support their loved ones and caretakers.

Destination Oregon: Severe Brothers Saddlery

Sometimes, the old way of doing things is still the best way. Such is the case of a saddle-maker in Pendleton, whose time tested artistry has garnered international praise.

In this week’s Destination Oregon, Dave Jones introduces us to Randy Severe, custom saddle maker extraordinaire.

Thanks again to Randy Severe and a special thanks to our Destination Oregon sponsor, Robberson Ford, for giving us the time and resources to take you to some of our state’s most beautiful and interesting locations every Thursday night on Central Oregon Daily.

The Great Outdoors: Wallowa Lake

In this week’s Great Outdoors, Brian Jennings takes us on a fishing trip to Wallowa Lake for a history lesson, among other things.

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Supper Club: Year in Review 2017 – #MeToo

In this week’s Supper Club conversation, Donna sat down with the Source Weekly‘s Nicole Vulcan, former state senator Chris Telfer and businessman Preston Callicott to talk about the social movement started by the hashtag #MeToo. It was a lively, hopeful conversation that we were fortunate to be a part of.

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ODOT Warns Motorists to Slow Down on Wintry Roads

After multiple accidents across the state and here in Central Oregon, the Oregon Department of Transportation is asking driver’s to travel cautiously during the holiday season.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan sat down with ODOT today to discuss how you can avoid getting into an accident in inclement weather and how to remain watchful on the road.

Trump signs Tax Bill

President Donald Trump signed the republican tax bill on Friday, before heading to Florida for Christmas. The bill is the largest tax overhaul in 30 years and passed through Congress without a single democrat vote in the House or Senate. The bill has been criticized for providing permanent tax cuts to large corporation while only providing temporary cuts to most middle to low-income Americans.

Before it passed Congress the tax bill polled low with the American people, with only about 40 percent in favor of the bill. Aside from concerns that the bill favors rich Americans and large corporations, it will also likely hit high-tax states the hardest, which generally means liberal-leaning costal states like Oregon. This is due to the new bill’s limits on SALT deductions, which allowed people to deduct their state and local taxes.

Since the tax cuts for middle and lower- income Americans expire in 2025, many Americans may also see tax increases as time goes on to pay for the new bill’s $1 trillion in tax cuts and the $1.5 trillion it adds to the national debt.

For now Americans could see the new cuts reflected on their taxes as early as this year since Trump signed the bill before the New Year.

On Friday Trump also signed in a continuing resolution that will keep the government funded through Jan. 19 while adding $4 billion to missile defense. A more permanent spending bill will be discussed when democrats and republicans return to D.C. after the Christmas break.

Destination Oregon: Bible Club Pdx

Back in the prohibition days, speakeasies had ironic names like “The Office” or “The Library,” and so it is with a new bar in southeast Portland today.

In this week’s Destination Oregon, Dave Jones takes us to the prohibition-style bar, the Bible Club Pdx.

Thanks to everyone at the Bible Club for showing us around and a special thanks to our Destination Oregon sponsor, Robberson Ford, for giving us the time and resources to take you to some of our state’s most beautiful and interesting locations every Thursday night on Central Oregon Daily.