City Council Appoints New Member

After hours of interviews and days of deliberations the City Council appointed its newest member Wednesday night. Chris Piper, a local businessman, was chosen to fill the seat left vacant by now mayor Sally Russell. Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Daily has more on the final decision.

A Packed Agenda for the Final City Council Meeting of 2018

Bend City Council has a lot to cover before the new year. On the agenda for their final meeting of the year are big issues including financial help for those affected by the septic to sewer project, assistance for child care providers, a plastic bag limitation and a noise ordinance for the popular outdoor venue, Crows Feet Commons.
Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel was live from City Hall tonight with more.

Trump Administration Bans Bump Stocks

The White House announced this morning that bump stocks will now be illegal in the United States, a new rule that could be in place as soon as the end of the week.

Bump stocks became part of the national gun debate after a man used guns modified with bump stocks to kill 58 people in Las Vegas last year. Shortly after that tragedy President Trump vowed to ban bump stocks, which until now were considered a “gun accessory” and therefor not covered by federal regulations.

However in a statement today, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said bump stocks will now fall under the definition of “machine guns,” which are banned under federal law. Starting as early as Friday, gun owners with bump stocks will have 90 days to destroy their bump stocks or turn them in to local law enforcement.

Central Oregon Daily’s Cydney McFarland has more on how the ban could affect local gun owners and dealers.

REMEMBERING 41: Former Campaign Worker in Bend Shares His Memories of George H.W. Bush

A Bend man who worked on Bush’s presidential campaign in 1988 shares his memories of the campaign, and the lasting impressions that the 41st president of the United States had on his life.
Central Oregon Daily’s Lisa Carton sat down with Chris Piper for a sentimental trip back in time.

REMEMBERING 41: Journalist in Bend Talks About Covering President George H.W. Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush led a life of service throughout his decades-long political career from congressman to CIA Director, Ambassador, Vice-President, and the 41st President of the United States.
Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel sat down with a longtime journalist now living in Bend who covered Bush in the 1980’s.

New Officer Helps Crack Down on Illegal Grows

Law enforcement has intercepted $48 million in black market marijuana headed out of Oregon and here in Deschutes County local law enforcement is trying to crack down on illegal grows. The Deschutes County Commissioners recently approved the hiring of a new officer to help in those efforts.
Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan was able to sit down with Detective Todd Klaus whose job is to help find and stop these illegal grows.

Election 2018: Sally Russell Wins Bend Mayoral Race

Sally Russell won Bend’s first mayoral race in over a century and is now the first woman elected to the post.

Russell, a city council member since 2012 and currently serving as mayor pro tem, took a decisive lead on Tuesday over her main opponent, city council member and software company CEO Bill Moseley.

As of Thursday morning Russell held 50.18 percent of the vote to Moseley’s 40.88 percent.

Moseley conceded the race to Russell Tuesday night.

Election 2018: Women Sweep Bend City Council Races

Gena Goodman-Campbell and Incumbent city council member Barb Campbell are both expected to win their races for the two open Bend City Council seats.

Goodman-Campbell soundly beat her two opponents for council position 5, taking over 60 percent of the vote as of Wednesday.

Campbell also beat her two opponents in the race for council position 6, however her race was a quite a bit closer with first time challenger Sarah McCormick grabbing 43 percent of the vote. Campbell was able to take the win with 49 percent of the vote.

Election 2018: Republican Candidates Hold on in Deschutes County Commissioner Races

The two conservative candidates have likely squeaked out wins in competitive Deschutes County Commission races.

Incumbent Tony DeBone held on to his early lead against democratic challenger Amy Lowes. DeBone holds 51.35 percent of the vote as of Thursday morning to Lowes 48.54 percent.

The race for position three continues to be too close to call. Republican candidate Patti Adair holds a slight lead with 50.64 percent of the vote over democrat James Cook’s 49.23 percent. The results of that race won’t be certified until later this month.