Humane Society: Paws the Polydactyl Cat

Lynne Ouchida from the Humane Society of Central Oregon, joins us with Paws the polydactyl cat, who is a staff favorite at the Humane Society, good with other cats, dogs and kids and just looking for a home that will let him be his spunky self. Lynne also has some information on how the Humane Society is helping furloughed workers affected by the government shut down and talks about some upcoming fundraising events.

Thanks to our sponsor Mike’s Fence Center for giving us the time and resources to meet a new adoptable animal each Monday on Central Oregon Daily.

Taste This! – JEM Organic Nut Butters

In this week’s Taste This!, Donna tastes heads to JEM Organic Nut Butters to see how they’ve gone from chocolate truffles whipped up in a kitchen to producing 50 tons of nutrient dense and creatively flavored nut butters.

A special thanks to our sponsor, Newport Avenue Market, for giving us the time and resources to bring you this delightful culinary feature each week. Life is short. Eat good food.