Sheriff’s Office Looking for Suspected Car Thief

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office  deputies are looking for a man suspected of stealing a car in Tumalo and crashing through multiple yards in northeast Bend on Monday night before eluding authorities.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Aviles allegedly crashed the stolen 2001 Subaru Impreza through multiple yards and then fled on foot. He was last seen in the area of NE Empire and NE Layton in Bend.

Aviles was last seen wearing jeans or khaki pants and a long-sleeved short.
If you see Aviles or know of his whereabouts, call 911 or the Sheriff’s Office dispatch at 541-693-6911.

Pro-Gun Ordinance Proposed to Combat I.P. 43

Supporters of the second amendment are trying to fight fire with fire by starting a new initiative that would nullify two propositions aimed at making the sale of semi-automatic weapons and large-capacity magazines illegal in Oregon.

For the past two weekends supporters of the Second Amendment have organized rallies; first in the capitols of all 50 states and then at various locations around Oregon, to draw attention to, and demonstration their opposition against Initiative Petition 43.

On Saturday a group called “Ladies of Lead” helped organize a rally outside Redmond city hall and about 400 supporters showed up to listen to speakers, which included several republican candidates for office in next month’s primary.

I.P. 43 would prohibit the future sale or transfer of semiautomatic rifles and large-capacity magazines and any firearms or ammunition owned at the time that the act becomes effective would have to be registered with state, sold out of state, permanently disabled or given to law enforcement for disposal.

In addition to their opposition of I.P. 43, four Redmond residents have also presented an initiative called the Deschutes County Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance, which would give the sheriff the choice of whether to enforce any local, state or federal gun laws based on whether they are deemed unconstitutional.

Similar Initiatives have presented in other counties across Oregon in an effort to combat the possible adoption of I.P. 43.

Supporters of the ordinance must collect more than 4,000 signatures by August 6 to get it placed as a measure on the November ballot.

Prescribed Burns Scheduled for Central Oregon

A prescribed burn was ignited by the U.S. Forest Service Sunday near Rimrock Trail Head, leaving a thick soup of smoke over Bend on Monday morning.
Central Oregon Daily’s Allison Roecker spoke to residents and a Forest Service official on the timing of the burn, and what to expect for the rest of the week.

If the weather permits, the Deschutes National Forest Service plans to ignite two more burns this week, one just across the highway from the Rimrock Trailhead that’s burning right now and the next one will be along the north side of Skyliners Road.

Our New News Team

As many of you may have noticed there’s been some changes here at Central Oregon Daily! Reporter Lisa Carton is now stepping in as our full time anchor alongside our new weatherman Dorrell Wenninger, who is taking over for Jack Church who is off on a new adventure – starting a real estate company with his wife in California. Donna Britt will no longer be anchoring since she is pursuing some personal projects outside of television. Though there is no need to worry! You’ll still see Donna every week hosting her weekly food segment ‘Taste This!’ and hosting ‘Supper Club.’

Origin Story: Orion Forge

Hunter Dahlberg of Orion Forge developed a passion for metal and all of the potential it holds, so he moved to Bend and began smithing. This week, Central Oregon Daily’s Allison Roecker learned that there is more to blacksmithing than just shoeing horses and making swords.

Every Sunday on Central Oregon Daily’s new weekly feature, Origin Story, Allison Roecker introduces us to passionate people who are making their dreams come true.

Taste This!: Volcano Veggies

In this week’s Taste This!, Donna tastes veggies from an indoor, in-town farm run by the Sbarra family. These delicious greens are organic and locally grown with love, as Shannon and Jimmy like to say. We thank them for their time and for their veggies, which you can find at Newport Avenue Market. For more info visit

A special thanks to our sponsor, Newport Avenue Market, for giving us the time and resources to bring you this delightful culinary feature each week. Life is short. Eat good food.

Source on the Scene: Bend Marathon and Half

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for Source on the Scene. Central Oregon Daily’s Allison Roecker joins us with a preview of the Bend Marathon taking place on Sunday.

For all the latest arts and culture listings, pickup the latest issue of The Source Weekly or go to their website at Thanks to our Source on the Scene sponsor, Indian Head Casino, for giving us the time and resources to show you some of the best events and entertainment that our region has to offer, every Friday night on Central Oregon Daily.

Annual Wolf Report Released After the Death of Two Wolves

Biologists for the Oregon department of Fish and Wildlife released their annual wolf report today, just days after staffers for the agency killed two wolves in Eastern Oregon after confirmed depredations on livestock in Baker County.
Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel joins us with details from today’s meeting.

The biologist says so far that the depredations in 2018 have only come from the Pine Creek pack and it doesn’t necessarily indicate a larger trend across the state.The commission had originally planned on voting on a new revised wolf plan in January, but after hearing from multiple sides of the debate, Commissioners decided to delay that vote.
Commissioners now believe that August is the earlies they will have a revised plan in place.

2nd Amendment Rally Planned in Redmond

Women Gather in Support for the Second Amendment

This weekend, women across the state are expected to gather at four different locations including Redmond City Hall in a show of support for the Second Amendment. It’s a follow-up to a series of pro-gun rallies that were held last weekend in all 50 states.

Preston says she is asking attendees to refrain from bringing open carry rifles even though it’s legal to do so. She says she wants to work in partnership with local law enforcement and welcomes everybody to what she says is meant to be a family friendly event.