Supper Club: Summer Franchise and Must See Movies

Part two of our summer movie previews includes looking ahead to the big franchise summer movies coming out in the next few months. Supper Club host, Diane Dean went to the Tin Theater with The Source Weekly’s film critic Jared Rasic and local playwright and actress Cricket Daniel and our news director Curtis Vogel for a look at the best of the franchise movies, including Chips and Bay Watch and non-franchise movies, The House, Dean,  Logan Lucky and Wind River. 

Supper Club is sponsored by Selco Community Credit Union and Pine Tavern Restaurant.

Tumalo Boardwalk Expansion

Deschutes River Trail Plans to Expand By Mid-Summer

The Deschutes River is expanding north this summer as the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department adds a new boardwalk a half mile south of Tumalo State Park. Central Oregon Daily photojournalist Tim Wehde was there today as they put the finishing touches on the last section.

Political Satirist, Singer-Songwriter Roy Zimmerman


Roy Zimmerman brought his “ReZist” show to the Volcanic in a benefit for community radio station KPOV 88.9 FM.  Roy has been entertaining audiences with his stinging satire for over twenty years.  He says he got the taste for it in Junior High when he started writing songs about what was going on in his school.  What can one person do about racism, gun violence, climate change, income inequality, bigotry, ignorance, war and greed?  “Write funny songs,” says Roy!  You can hear one of those songs in Roy’s Central Oregon Daily performance right here!

Oregon Rescue Challenge: Rescued Horses Need New Homes!

Oregon’s first statewide horse rescue event is happening MAY 20-21 at Rim Rock Riders Event Center.  Cyndi Dow from 3 Sisters Equine explains to Central Oregon Daily how 14 horses, 14 trainers and 7 rescued horses will showcase their talents at this family friendly event.  There will be door prizes, food and a silent auction along with the horse auction.  More info at

Simple Cents: The Warm Heart of Africa with David Rosell

Malawi is a tiny country in the middle of the continent that many people call the warm heart of Africa because the people are so friendly. David tells a story about water skiing behind an aluminium rowboat and how the kids thought David was walking on water.  How he ever made it up behind the boat is still a surprise…to many IMPOSSIBLE. David compares that experience to millennials and how they may think retirement is impossible but explains you just have to understand what you are dealing with so you can put that knowledge to use. Know the basics of investing then make it happen by taking action today.

  1. Spend less than you earn.
  2. Save what you do not spend.
  3. Invest what you save.

The Reviews are in for Theater Production: Fade In

The reviews are in and local playwright and director Patricia West-Del Ruth joins Diane, Jack and Donna to share her dark and twisted psychological comedy, “Fade In” which focuses on the dysfunctional relationship between two sisters, their mutual love for a slightly manic actor, confronting their heady past. Patricia has had an extensive career in film and television, but her latest work “Fade In” is taking her work to the stage in Bend at the 2nd Street Theater.

“Fade In” will run Thursday through Saturday through April 15th. Tickets are available at

Trump Supporters and Protesters Clash at State Capitol

What started out as competing rallies for and against President Trump at the Oregon State Capitol turned into violent skirmishes over the weekend.

After a group called the Northwest Trump Alliance for Change was granted a permit to stage a rally at the Oregon WWII Memorial in Salem, Oregon Saturday, another group called Salem Stands for Love organized their own rally just down the street on the steps of the Capitol.

What was already a tense atmosphere between two groups turned violent after a group of counter-protestors joined the fray, and now, a Terrebonne man is facing charges for his involvement in the conflict.

Positive Economic Trends in Central Oregon

The State of the Central Oregon Economy was presented at the EDCO Annual Luncheon at the Riverhouse in Bend. Presenters, Roger Lee, Executive Director of EDCO, Julie Harrelson, CEO of Harrelson Group and Fund Director for Cascade Angels and guest speaker, Ron Kitchens, CEO of Southwest Michigan First discuss how to balance growth while retaining the quality of life that Central Oregon offers.