Source on the Scene: Dirksen Derby

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for “Source on the Scene”, sponsored by Indian Head Casino. This weekend in the annual Dirksen Derby at Mt. Bachelor where snowboarders and sit-skiers will hit the slopes for a good cause. Central Oregon Daily’s Allison Roecker has more in this week’s Source on the Scene.

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes, This One Drives for FedEx

A random act of kindness by a 10-year-old Redmond girl has forged a friendship between her and the local FedEx driver who delivers her medication. Central Oregon Daily’s Eric Lindstrom brings us this heartwarming story, just in time for the holidays.

Kaylee’s Law: Family of Kaylee Sawyer and Local Officials Testify in Salem

The father and step-mother of Kaylee Sawyer, along with officials from Bend and Deschutes County, testified in front of the Joint Judiciary Committee in Salem Friday morning in an effort to pass legislation that would put restrictions on campus security guards.
Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more on what was said today in Salem.

Kaylee’s Law: Local Family Turns Tragedy into Legislation

Two years after her murder, Kaylee Sawyer’s family is turning tragedy into a proposed state law that they hope could save lives. Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan sat down for an exclusive interview with Kaylee’s father Jamie Sawyer to talk more about Kaylee’s Law.

Mt. Bachelor Gets its First Powder Day of the Season

If you found more coworkers than usual calling out sick today, it might be because Mt Bachelor got almost a foot of snow overnight. Central Oregon Daily’s Eric Lindstrom was at the bottom of the slopes checking in with the lucky skiers and snowboarders who hit the mountain today.

County Commissioners Move Forward on Big Sky Expansion

Deschutes County Commissioners moved forward the first draft of the final expansion plans for Big Sky Park this morning. Due to continued concern over how light and sound pollution from the newly expanded park could affect nearby residents the proposal did go forward with some minor changes.
The Commissioners will see a second draft on Wednesday but have until Dec. 31 to have a public hearing and a final vote on the project.

Proposed Boundary Changes for Bend-La Pine Schools

Proposed changes to the Bend-La Pine School attendance boundaries could mean changes for parents and students in the district next year. After weeks of public input the school board is ready to decide which of three proposals will go to the superintendent for approval. Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more on what kind of input the district has heard from the community.

Keeping Unfit Drivers Off the Road

Just this month, multiple incidents involving elderly drivers have called into question, how do you decide when to take a driver off the road? Well the answer is a little more complicated and involves health care providers, legislators and community members working together to make the roads safer for everyone.

Central Oregon Daily’s Allison Roecker has more on the story.


Pacific Power Customers to Pay for Mirror Pond Dredging

Stakeholders in the Mirror Pond dredging met Friday morning to discuss how to fund the project to preserve the iconic landmark. Bend City Council and Bend Parks and Recreation both agreed to pay $300,000 each but that leaves $5.8 million needed to fully fund the project. The current proposal is to raise that $5.8 million by raising the franchise rate for Pacific Power from 5 percent to 6.25 percent for nine years to raise the $5.8 million from Pacific Power customers. That is still less than the 7 percent fee paid by Redmond customers, however after the nine years the rate will drop down to 5.2 percent for Bend customers.

Source on the Scene: World Premiere of ‘The Three Sisters’

The Central Oregon Youth Orchestra is performing a free concert this weekend, which is also the debut performance of ‘The Three Sisters,’ an orchestral work from Bend’s own Benjamin Emory Larson. Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more on the story.

The song is a musical tour of Central Oregon and will debut on Saturday at 2 p.m. at Mountain View High School.