City Club of Central Oregon – July 2018

July Forum:

It’s Branding Time in Bend

Will the community be on the giving—or the receiving—end of the tourism branding iron?

Pretend you are the tourism marketing Czar for Central Oregon:

  • What will be your priorities?
  • What cultural values will you cultivate?
  • What role will the arts and entertainment play?
  • Will you reserve a portion of your annual budget for stimulus during the next recession?
  • What tourists will you target?
  • Which activities, seasons, and locations will you feature?
  • Will you take steps to ascertain the impact of your efforts on jobs, infrastructure, crime, safety, and traffic?
  • Who will benefit from your efforts?
  • Who will pay the costs?
  • Will you harness tourism for the community, or will the community be harnessed for tourism?

City Club will gather your input on these issues and more at its July 19th forum, which will feature:

  • Diverse perspectives on tourism from special guests, including:
    • Katy Bryce (freelance writer and author of blog “Bend is Being Loved to Death – And It’s My Fault”)
    • Nathan Hovekamp (Bend Park & Recreation District Board Member and Central Oregon LandWatch Wildlife Program Director)
    • John Hummel (Deschutes County District Attorney)
    • Carolyn Eagan (Bend’s Economic Development Director)
    • Tim Neville (freelance writer and correspondent for Outside and Ski magazines)