Kozowski Files Complaint in Court

Eric Kozowski Filed a Complaint Citing Wrongful Discharge and Retaliation

Former Deschutes County Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Kozowski filed a complaint in the District Court today. He is seeking $3,400,000 in economic damages as well as non-economic and punitive damages.

The complaint from Kozowski alleges that his termination was retaliation against his use of his first amendment rights. Specifically when Kozowski ran against Nelson for Sheriff in a 2016 election.

Kozowski was fired on Jan. 31 by Sheriff L. Shane Nelson based on internal investigations which concluded that Kozowski violated Sheriff’s Office policies.

Kozowski was placed on paid administrative leave on September 24, 2017 due to allegations from 2010 and 2016. Kozowski allegedly failed to take a report in 2010 and failed to arrest a wanted suspect in 2016.

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