On June 24th, 2015, KOHD-DT will relocate the station's primary Over-The-Air broadcast frequency from the current 51-1 (692-698MHz), to 18-1 (494-500MHz). The work necessary for this change will require a scheduled 24 hour "off-air" period starting at approx. 2:00am on June 24th. (Not to exceed 48 hour) Upon completion, all devices currently receiving the signal via over-the-air broadcast will need to re-scan in order to locate the broadcast on its new frequency/channel, 18-1(494-500MHz).

For Bend Broadband cable subscribers, there will be no effect or outage of the signal for ch9 or 609HD.

For viewers receiving KOHD-ABC via their DirecTV or Dish Network satellite feeds, the station will be unavailable for the above mentioned outage window.

For questions regarding this matter, please contact Julie Brinks, General Manger, at 541-749-2754 - julie.brinks@tdstelecom.com Or Josh Burke, Chief Broadcast Engineer, at 541-330-7977 - jburke@zolomedia.com

Thank You.

Channel 9 and 609 HD on BendBroadband and Channel 51.1 Over The Air

KOHD is the Central Oregon station for ABC Entertainment, News and Sports. We are operated by Zolo Media, a sister company of BendBroadband. KOHD is committed to providing quality programming that Central Oregonians want to watch. If you have any questions, or you would like to advertise on KOHD-ABC in Bend, Oregon, please call us at 541.749.5151. KOHD is ABC for Central Oregon.

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