No Decision on Marijuana Grow-op

Deschutes County Commissioners decided today not to make a decision on whether or not to allow the proposed marijuana grow operation at Bentwire Ranch to proceed. The roughly 500 square foot grow operation was approved earlier this year but has been halted since neighbors filed an appeal in November.

On Wednesday afternoon the commissioners heard testimony from the grow operation applicants, Lucinda and Chris Baker; Nunzie Gould, the neighbor who filed the appeal; and comments from neighbors who attended the meeting.

Neighbors where concerned about the potential noise and odor produced by the grow operation, as well as security and water use. The water use issue was a topic of decision earlier in the day for the commissioners since for at least half of the year the operation would rely on municipal water being trucked to the property.

The Baker’s lawyer disputed many of the complaints, but after hours of discussion the commissioners decided to keep the public record open for three weeks to allow for further debate. New information on the project will be accepted for the first week and the second two weeks will be open for the Bakers, Gould and their lawyers to make their final arguments. The commissioners now hope to make a final decision by mid-February.

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