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Bend-La Pine SD – School canceled January 17.

Redmond SD – School canceled January 17. See below.

Jefferson SD 509-J – Resume classes January 17.

Sisters SD – Resume classes January 17.

Crook County SD – Resume classes January 17.



UPDATE: 6 p.m. January 15

Maintenance and custodial crews, in partnership with local contractors, worked throughout the day again today to continue clearing snow from Bend-La Pine Schools’ rooftops. The attached document shows progress to date. This document will be updated daily on our website’s Alerts and Updates webpage at about 5 p.m. until work is complete.

“A huge thank you to the community for their outpouring of support for our teams today,” said Executive Director of Facilities Mike Tiller. “We had students come by with cards and posters, while families, businesses and churches came by with cakes, cookies, pizzas and more.”

“Work is progressing on rooftop snow removal,” said Tiller. “There is now concern mounting regarding the changing weather forecast. The region is expected to see warming temperatures and rain, which may result in flooding to our area in the next few days.”

“Due to the amount of snow that still remains on schools and the forecasted flooding, we are less optimistic that we will be able to resume classes for some, if not all, students on Tuesday,” said Superintendent Shay Mikalson.

“If the anticipated rain and dramatic warming do occur, we could see water coming through our windows and doors and under thresholds of our schools,” he added. “In addition to the 150 workers already clearing the roofs, we have mobilized seven excavation crews tomorrow to start prepping for the next wave of weather challenges.”

Tiller said that engineers have completed evaluations of all 37 school and work sites for structural stability. He said that engineers deemed 34 sites structurally sound and found one site, R.E. Jewell Elementary, to have structural damage. Repairs to this school began today.

Additionally, results of the district-wide engineering evaluation found possible areas of concern at Bear Creek Elementary and at Westside Village Magnet at Kingston School. Engineers are scheduled to return to these schools to complete additional assessments tomorrow.

“We have been in close communication with our partners at the city and county, who are urging homeowners, business owners and schools to direct melting snow away from structures and clear storm drains and swales,” Tiller added.

Tiller said that volunteers are welcome to pitch in on Tuesday as teams fill sandbags that will be used around school sites. (To volunteer, contact Anne Birky at 541-355-4700.)

For more information from our community partners about how to prepare homes for the anticipated snow melt and for flood prevention tips, visit Flash Alert.

NOTE: Bend-La Pine Schools will continue to share updates each night around 5 p.m.


UPDATE:  January 16, 2017 

Good Monday afternoon,

Despite massive around-the-clock snow removal efforts, crews and engineers need an additional day to ensure schools are safe for students to return. For that reason, all Redmond School District buildings will be closed again Tuesday, January 17th, 2017; this includes all classes, athletics, and activities.

Over the course of the last four days, we have had over 110 crew members on the job removing snow and ice, working as fast as possible to make our schools safe again. There are still a number of our schools with “watch spots” where snow loads need to be lessened, as advised by the engineers. We need additional time to remove the snow off roofs and away from buildings without students or staff nearby. As we complete the advised snow removal from each building, the engineers will return to conduct a final walk through.

We have made considerable progress and I appreciate the efforts of all of those working long hours in frigid conditions to make it happen. If you happened to drive by Lynch or Obsidian this weekend, they were lit up like a Friday night football game as crews worked well into the night pushing snow from the roof. The mountains of snow that built up on the ground then have to be moved and piled away from the building in order to lessen the chances of seepage into buildings as melting occurs.  We do anticipate that our schools will experience some level of leakage as a result of the storm and the amount of snow runoff.  Evidence of water on the ceiling does not mean the roof has been compromised or that students are in danger.

The good news so far is that our engineers have not found any structural damage. As the snow was removed, the sagging roofs have returned to their normal positions and ceiling tiles have been restored. Additional good news is that the National Weather Service has reduced the threat of rain predicted to fall this week, although rising temperatures will still require runoff to be monitored closely. Most ground water drain systems are still buried beneath snow and ice, and our district maintenance and custodial team is already working to clear paths for water to travel away from buildings and into drain systems.

Again, as I have continued to share throughout the past couple of weeks, I so appreciate the patience and understanding our families, staff and community members have demonstrated as we face these challenging times. Having multiple school closures is a huge disruption to families with work, daycare, and transportation. We will continue to place student and staff safety at the top of our list while managing our school calendar to maximize student learning.

Our crews and contractors will continue to clear snow for the remainder of today and tomorrow. Engineers will arrive tomorrow to conduct an updated evaluation of each school building. We have high hopes to resume school on Wednesday, January 18th. We will provide an update by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow.

Thank you,

Michael D. McIntosh,



Student safety is a priority at Redmond School District.  We take careful precaution when inclement weather strikes to ensure the safety of our students and their families.  Decisions regarding inclement weather delays or school cancellations are made in the early morning, before school.  Once the decision to delay and/or close has been made, that information is communicated to parents using the District’s automated phone system, on the District website, Facebook and immediately through local media outlets.

We understand that decisions about school schedules and bus route changes have an impact on our families.  We appreciate your patience during these situations.   While we know that our students and families are best served when we are open, our main concern is the safety of our students and staff. If you feel that current weather conditions are unsafe, the District respects your decision to keep your student(s) home for the day. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

District’s Automated Phone System

Redmond School District uses an autodialer system that calls and texts the phone number you have on file at your child’s school in the event of inclement weather or emergency notifications.  Please ensure that your profile is up to date at your student’s school.

As always, please call our district office at 541-923-5437 if you have any questions!


Message from Superintendent Rick Molitor:

Given the recent school closures in Redmond and Bend, I would like to reassure you that we are current and up to date in our building safety assessments. At this time, we have no concerns with the structural integrity of our buildings. Although we are experiencing multiple issues with ice buildup, these are not causing structural concerns. We are advising everyone to stay away from the sides of building, as falling ice and snow can be dangerous. Unless conditions change, we are planning for regularly scheduled school days.

Thank you again,

Rick Molitor


Facilities Update
A message from Sisters School District 6 to staff, students, parents, and community.
This morning we met with the structural engineering firm working on our bond project. We reviewed structural plans of all of our schools and performed walk-through visual inspections for potential stress points. We have removed snow from the elementary school roof. All Sisters School District buildings have been deemed safe. School will resume on Tuesday, January 17th.
All evening and weekend activities are on as scheduled. If you have any questions about activities or athletic events, please contact your coach, club advisor, SHS athletic director, or SPRD.
We appreciate your support and understanding during this process.


Update – Structural Review Update

The Prineville school buildings and PBCCS were inspected by a licensed engineer this past Friday and all were deemed safe.

We are happy to report that no structural defects were found.  We expect schools to be open on Tuesday, 1/17/17.   Snow and ice dam removal continued over the weekend by our dedicated maintenance staff.

Out of an abundance of caution we temporarily closed the Pioneer Complex Gym for snow removal over the weekend and expect it to reopen this week.   (No structural defects were found at the Pioneer Complex Gym).

CCSD Roofs

We remain confident in the structural integrity of our school buildings. The roof snow level of each school building was measured today and no concerns arose. Also, during the recent construction projects that were supported by the bond measure, engineering reviews of our buildings were conducted, adding to our confidence that our roofs meet snow load requirements. Our maintenance staff had prior to today been removing snow and icicles which have aided the roofs in the process of clearing and draining as you will see in the attached pictures. We are continuing to work with an outside civil and structural engineer company to provide additional assurance. At this time all Crook County schools will operate as scheduled.

See pictures on this link below

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