Sunriver Service District confirms Interim Police Chief

Bend Police Captain Cory Darling will take over as interim police chief while current chief Marc Mills is on paid administrative leave. Mills was put on leave due to currently unknown allegation which are being investigated by the Sunriver Service District. The Oregon Department of Justice is also conducting a criminal investigation based on the same allegations that have not been released.

Sunriver Service District board president Jim Fister was unable to comment on the allegations on Thursday.

Darling was confirmed unanimously by the Sunriver Service District board during a meeting on Thursday afternoon.

Darling will continue to be an employee of the Bend Police Department. He will be taking the interim position in order to gain experience since he has expressed the desire to be a police chief someday, according to Fister. Since the investigation into Mills is still underway there is no timeline as to how long Darling will be serving in Sunriver. 


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