Warrant Out for Brandon Blouin After Failed Court Appearance

The father of the 1-year-old boy, found abandoned earlier this year in the woods south of Bend, failed to report to court Thursday morning. A national warrant is out for 26-year-old Brandon Blouin who is charged with a number of felony crimes and two misdemeanors.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more on the on-going story.

Father of Abandoned Baby Released on Bail

Brandon Blouin Was Released Tuesday Morning in Bend

Brandon Blouin, the 26-year-old Ohio man accused of abandoning his 1-year-old son in the woods south of Bend in May, was released today after an out of county hold was lifted.

Blouin paid 10 percent of his $25,000 bail but was not immediately released due to a hold on Blouin from Ritchie County in West Virginia.

Blouin had a warrant out for his arrest in Ritchie County where he was charged with two counts of malicious assault, two count of conspiracy to commit malicious assault, one count of destruction of property and one county of conspiracy to commit destruction of property.

However the hold was lifted because Ritchie County didn’t have the financial resources to extradite Blouin from Oregon to West Virginia, according to Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office officials. Blouin was scheduled to be released from Deschutes County Jail this morning.

Blouin is scheduled to appear in Deschutes County Court on July 17 to answer to the charges of criminal mistreatment in the first degree, custodial interference, child neglect in the second degree and endangering the welfare of a minor – all related to the May 10th incident.

Custody of Baby Bradley Awarded to Maternal Grandmother

A Deschutes County judge decided to dismiss the custody case surrounding a one-year-old West Virginia boy who was found naked in the woods south of Bend on May 10 and grant custody back to his grandmother.
Mellisa Jordan is expected to be reunited with her grandson, Bradley Thomas, sometime tomorrow, nearly three weeks after a Deschutes County Sheriff’s detective found Bradley naked and suffering from hypothermia after a six-hour search off China Hat Road.
Mellisa and her daughter, Lindsie, flew to Bend two weeks ago to try to bring Bradley back home and help Bradley’s mother, Katelin, recover from injuries she says she suffered at the hands of Bradley’s father, Brandon Blouin. Blouin is still in the Deschutes County Jail facing criminal charges of criminal mistreatment, child neglect and custodial interference.
The family plans to head back to West Virginia and since custody was awarded to Jordan, mother Katelin will not be able to leave the house alone with Bradley unless the custody agreement changes in the future.

Lost & Found: Mother of Baby Bradley Speaks Out

Katelin Thomas, the mother of Bradley Micheal Thomas, speaks out for the first time since being released from the hospital after the disappearance and frantic search for her son in the woods south of Bend on May 10.

Thomas’ former boyfriend and the father of Bradley, Brandon Blouin, is still in custody at the Deschutes County Jail on charges of criminal mistreatment, custodial interference, child neglect, endangering a minor and abandoning a child – all connected to Bradley’s disappearance earlier this month.

According to Thomas she left her home in West Virginia with Blouin after he showed up while she was out with Bradley, despite a protection order that was meant to keep Blouin away from his son. Thomas said she only went with Blouin because he threatened her family and Bradley if she didn’t go with him.

Thomas said she made efforts to take Bradley and leave Blouin as they traveled across the U.S. In the early morning hours of May 10, Thomas said Blouin forced her from the vehicle they were sleeping in and said he would hurt Bradley if she didn’t go. Thomas made her way to a nearby property off China Hat Road in Bend. The property owners called 911 and Thomas was taken to the hospital where she was treated for a number of injuries including broken ribs, two partially collapsed lungs, injuries to her throat, and injuries to her feet and legs from running through the woods.

Thomas alleges that she told Sheriff’s deputies about Bradley, and when deputies found Blouin, he told them he’d set the baby down near a fence. Baby Bradley was found, naked and cold, but mostly unharmed a mile from Blouin’s vehicle.

Now Katelin and her mom, Melissa Jordan, are hoping to take Bradley home. Jordan was awarded custody of the 1-year-old Bradley just before he and Thomas went missing. Bradley is currently in a foster home in Central Oregon and the family is awaiting a custody hearing scheduled for early next week.

SELCO Community Credit Union has established a fund to help pay for the family’s expenses. Please donate at any Selco location: Account #618555.

Lost & Found: Family of Bradley Speaks Out

Bail Set for Father of Lost Toddler and Grandmother Hopes to Bring Bradley Home

In Deschutes County Court on Monday, a judge set a $25,000 bail for Brandon Blouin for his alleged involvement in the disappearance and frantic search for him son – one-year-old Bradley Michael Thomas last Thursday. Blouin is charged for allegedly violating a custody order for Bradley to remain with his grandmother in West Virginia, and charges of Assault and Criminal Mistreatment. The judge also ordered Blouin to stay away from Bradley’s mother, 18-year-old Katelin Thomas. That is on top of the restraining order from West Virginia ordering the 25-year-old to stay away from Bradley and his maternal grandmother, Mellisa Jordan. Blouin will be back in court on May 21.

Also on Monday, Mellisa Jordan sat down with Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan for an exclusive interview that shares how little Bradley ended up in the woods in Bend, Oregon. Jordan said she and her other daughter have been searching for Bradley and his mother since they disappeared from their home in West Virginia three months ago. Jordan alleged that Blouin abused both Katelin and Bradley. Jordan said she hopes to be reunited with her grandson and eventually, take him and her daughter home to West Virginia.

Lost Toddler Placed in State Custody

Bradley Michael Thomas, the toddler who was found in the woods south of Bend on Thursday morning, is now officially in the custody of the state after being removed from his parents following the arrest of the baby’s father.

One-year-old Bradley was miraculously found unharmed Thursday afternoon after he’d been missing for nearly six hours along China Hat Road in Bend.

According to Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson, Bradley was located alone and naked nearly a mile northeast of the vehicle the toddler was living in with his parents. The detective who found Bradley took him in an ambulance to St. Charles Hospital, where the child stayed until this afternoon.

The Sheriff’s Office said Friday that Bradley is doing well and is currently in the care of the Department of Human Services.

The Central Oregon community quickly came together following news of Bradley’s disappearance and has continued the outpouring of support for the toddler. Due to this outpouring the Sheriff’s Office is now accepting donations of clothing and other items to give to Bradley until he has a permanent home.

Bradley’s father, 25-year-old Brandon Blouin, was placed under arrest and charged with criminal mistreatment, neglect, endangering the welfare of a minor and an assault charge police say is associated with an injury Bradley likely received prior to going missing while in his parents’ care.

Blouin has a long history of run-ins with the law across multiple state lines and, according to Bradley’s extended family, a history of abuse towards Bradley’s mother Katelin.

Bradley’s maternal grandmother and aunt, who live in West Virginia, have been searching for Bradley for months. Bradley’s grandmother Mellisa Jordan said she was granted full custody of Bradley in March, but in early February Katelin requested a play date with Bradley and never returned.

The family heard nothing of Bradley’s whereabouts for three months, and while they haven’t been able to see Bradley, Jordan did hear from Blouin on Friday when they were both dialed in to a custody hearing at the Deschutes County Courthouse.

Jordan said Blouin sounded distressed, just as he did on Thursday after Bradley’s rescue, however Jordan said this show of emotion is nothing but manipulation.

The family hopes to be reunited with little Bradley soon, but for now he will be put in foster care.

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and Redmond Police are accepting donations for Bradley while he is in state custody. They said they are in need of any clothing size 18 months, shoes size 6 to 7, and size 7 diapers.

Search and Rescue of One-Year-Old Boy Leads to Arrest

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a 25-year-old man in connection with a frantic search for a missing one-year-old boy south of Bend off China Hat Road on Thursday morning.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan was there when a Deschutes County Sheriff’s detective found Bradley Michael Thomas naked and cold, but safe, in the woods.

Thomas is in good condition after being evaluated at St. Charles Hospital, and he is now in the custody of the Department of Human Services.

25-year-old Brandon Blouin has been arrested in connection for his involvement in Thomas’ disappearance. Blouin is being charged with Criminal Mistreatment I, Neglect II, Endangering the Welfare of a Minor, and an Assault Charge for an injury that authorities believe happened while Thomas was in Blouin’s care.