Destination Oregon: Touring Bend on an Electric Bike

Bend has a rich history, but it it is hard to take it in from behind the wheel of your car. It is much easier is to view that history from a bike, especially when it’s an electric one. For this week’s Destination Oregon, Dave Jones hops on an e-bike from Pedego Electric Bikes for a trip down memory lane.

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Source on the Scene: The Deschutes Brewery Marina

Join Central Oregon Daily’s Allison Roecker stops by the corner of Shevlin Hixon and Columbia which will soon be jam packed with excitement for the grand opening of Bend’s newest food cart lot, the Deschutes Brewery Marina. But if you want to eat lunch here, you’ll need to stop by soon because this new food experience is not here to stay.

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Supper Club: Securing Funding Through the Bend Venture Conference

Wednesday is the deadline for companies to apply to vie for a chance at funding at the Bend Venture Conference this fall. For this week’s Supper Club, Lisa Carton sat down with a member of EDCO, Brian Vierra, angel investor, Julie Harrelson of Cascade Angels and previous winner of the BVC, James Nicol of SnoPlanks, to talk about what it takes to secure funding in this competitive climate.

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Scout, “The Local Dog,” Passes Away

To most people in Bend, she was “The Local Dog,” but to her friends and family she was “Scout.”

She was featured in a series of “Local Dog” commercials that Bend Broadband ran for several years. Scout was the second dog to be featured in the campaign. She was a black Labrador retriever who was bred to be a seeing-eye dog and was enrolled in the “Guiding Eyes for the Blind” program in New York State but she never graduated.

Eighteen months later she moved to bend and found a home with Bruce and Sandy Cummings of Bend.

Once Scout was “discovered” by Bend Broadband she became an instant celebrity around town. Bruce and Sandy would constantly be asked if Scout was indeed the “Local Dog” they had seen on TV.

When Scout was awake there was a good chance she had a toy in her mouth and if you ever got a chance to visit the Cummings’ house the first greeting you would get would be Scout’s giant noggin’ all up in your business.

Scout was basically the centerpiece of every dinner party at the Cummings’ household and she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Like many black labs Scout’s back legs gave it out as she aged and she passed last week.

There is no doubt that a dog’s level of happiness is directly related to the amount of attention and affection that it receives from it’s owners and Bruce and Sandy took that dog everywhere and gave her a great life. She paid them back in spades with her own form of love and she will be missed.

Origin Story: Wren and Wild

After two decades in the cosmetic industry, Mandy Butera knew too much, so she taught herself how to clean up her body and mind. She opened wellness studio Wren and Wild so she could teach others how to clean up their own lives and have fun while doing it.

If you’re interested in clean living and want to visit Wren and Wild for products or yoga classes, it’s located in downtown Bend at 910 NW Harriman Street, or you can check them out online at and on social media at Wren and Wild

Origin Story: Hopped Up Jewelry

Kimberly Markley moved to Bend in 2011 and her admiration for the community and the Central Oregon lifestyle has only grown. She made a pair of hop flower earrings to celebrate her new town and they attracted A LOT of attention. From there, Hopped Up Jewelry was born.

Every Sunday on Central Oregon Daily’s new weekly feature, Origin Story, Allison Roecker introduces us to a passionate person who is making their dreams come true.

Origin Story: Birdseed Food Co

In this week’s Origin Story, where we meet people who have turned their passion into a profession, Allison Roecker introduces us to Ashley Chase.

When Ashley Chase was 24 years old, she only had half the amount of blood in her body that a healthy adult female should have. Her mind was constantly foggy and she was only living her life at half of her potential. The culprit of these ailments? Gluten.

Now, Ashley is redefining what healthy foods are with her brand of homemade granola. Birdseed granola can be found all over Central Oregon in grocery stores like Newport Avenue Market and Market of Choice, coffee shops like Spoken Moto and Jackson’s Corner, and many other places.

You can follow Birdseed Food Co on social media at @birdseedfoodco, or online at