Bend Elks Player Takes the Whole Field


Bend Elk Plays Every Position in One Game

The Bend Elks Baseball Club gave one of their players a rare opportunity during Sunday night’s game – a chance to play at every position in one game.

The team announced ahead of time that they were going to play Redmond native Collin Runge at every position in their game against Wenatchee on Sunday night. Runge started as catcher in the first inning and moved to first base for the second inning and then kept rotating every inning after that.

Coaches said the stunt was a reward for Runge’s hard work for the Elks over the past three seasons.

By the third inning, Runge was playing the outfield for the first time in his career, and from right field he threw out a hitter trying to stretch a single into a double.

Overall, Elks’ coaches said Runge played well at every position.

After Runge played all the positions in the field, he finished off the game on the pitcher’s mound.

Runge got the last three outs of the game to finish off his nine-position tour and broke the Elks’ 14-game losing streak as Bend won 8-0 against the Wenatchee AppleSox.

Let’s Play Ball!

Central Oregon Daily’s Dorrell Wenninger Hosts a Bend Elk For the Summer

The Bend Elks opened their summer season at home on Friday against Cowlitz.

When the players aren’t on the field during the season, they are staying at the homes of Bend residents who have volunteered to host them for the summer.

One of those hosts is Central Oregon Daily’s Chief Meteorologist, Dorrell Wenninger, who is hosting an Elks pitcher named Brennan Patterson.

Oregon State Player Takes the Field for the Elks

Less than three weeks ago, analysts were calling the Oregon State Beavers one of the greatest college baseball teams of all-time. Then, their record-breaking season came crashing down with two straight losses in the College World Series.

As Central Oregon Daily’s Eric Lindstrom reports, one of those Beavers, a Central Oregon native, is back home this summer and playing for the Bend Elks.