Parents Look for Upgrades in School Safety

Since the shootings in Parkland last month, the discussion surrounding school safety has been led by the surviving students and their peers across the country, but it’s not just the students who are joining the conversation.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan sat down with a local parent who’s voicing her concerns about the safety of students in Bend, and what she’s hoping Bend-La Pine Schools will do to address them.

Lisa Carton also sits down with Bend-La Pine School District’s Deputy Superintendent Jay Mathisen to see how the district is reacting to these requests from students and parents.

New High School in Bend

Realms’ Principal Hopes to Duplicate Success of Middle School

There is already a waiting list for students who want to attend one of Bend’s new schools opening this Fall – Realms High School.
Tonight on Central Oregon Daily, the principal of the new school, who is currently the principal of Realms Middle School, gives Austin Reed a preview of the new high school.

Pine Tavern Sponsors Food Drive for ‘Safe’ Graduation Parties

Pine Tavern Restaurant owner Bill McCormick explains why he’s behind the Neighbor Impact Central Oregon High School Food Drive Challenge: a canned food competition for high school ‘safe’ graduation parties. Cash prizes will be awarded for the most canned food collected by four Central Oregon high schools.  The competition runs from April 10th-24th. You can drop off food at the local schools or at Pine Tavern. Online donations will also be accepted.