New All-Female Owned Brewery Opens in Bend

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan sits down with the owners of Spider City Brewing, to taste some of their beers and hear the story behind Bend’s newest brewery ahead of the grand opening.

Destination Oregon: Worthy Brewing Hopservatory

In a beer town like Bend, breweries have to get creative to set themselves apart from the crowd. Good beer and great food is a start, but one local brewery is taking a step to boldly go where no brewery has gone before. For this week’s Destination Oregon, Dave Jones takes us to the Worthy Brewing Hopservatory.

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Supper Club: Central Oregon’s Brewing Industry

Central Oregon has become a hub of the craft brewing industry since Deschutes Brewery made its debut in 1988. Today, there are dozens of newcomers on the scene.

For this week’s Supper Club, Donna Britt sat down with the founders of three new craft breweries in Central Oregon, Kobold Brewing, Monkless Belgian Ales and Bridge 99 Brewing, to see what they are hoping to do to carve out their own niche in this crowded world of craft beers.

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Source on the Scene: Bend Brewfest

Bend Brewfest kicked off Thursday night and Central Oregon Daily’s Chris Biggs was there to get a taste of what’s brewing with local beer taster, Rich Mithoff AKA Bend Beer SNØB to choose three “must try” beers for this year’s festival.

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The Little Woody Beer and Whiskey Festival Kicks Off #inBend

Source on the Scene. The Little Woody Festival is already underway tonight through 10 o’clock at the Deschutes Historical Museum and continues tomorrow from noon until 10PM. For the complete list of breweries and their barrel-aged beers, pick up the latest issue of The Source Weekly, or head to their website at Central Oregon Daily’s Chris Biggs takes us over to the festival.