Bend Family Lands HGTV Pilot

For the past 17 years, Karrie Trowbridge has been remodeling and flipping houses in Central Oregon. So when producers with HGTV approached her about turning her day-job into a television show she said “yes,” and the result is a new show called “Mom and Me.”

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan introduces us to the Bend family behind the new show.

Source on the Scene: Heathers The Musical

Even though it was based off of the iconic movie from the 80’s, the themes of suicide and bullying explored in “Heathers The Musical” make it as relevant today as it was then.

Central Oregon Daily’s Chris Biggs sits down with the director and some of the cast members of “Heathers The Musical” at 2nd Street Theater in Bend to discuss the issues raised in the show.

Bend Native Gets Ready to Play in First NFL Regular Season Game

Less than a week ago, Mountain View High School alum Jacob Hollister wasn’t sure if he would make the team, but tonight, he will step on the field as a member of the New England Patriots in their season debut against the The Kansas City Chiefs.
Jacob is the 3rd-string tight end, who is expected to get some snaps on offense, but he will mostly play a key role on special teams during kickoffs and punts.
Jacob’s twin brother, Cody, made the Patriots practice squad and has been preparing all week but will not suit up for tonight’s game.
Central Oregon Daily’s Allison Roecker is in Foxborough, Massachusetts and got a chance to talk to Jacob and Cody before tonight’s game.
Allison will be live from Foxborough during the game tonight on Central Oregon Daily at 6 p.m. on KOHD and 7 p.m. on KBNZ


Hollister Twins Thank Bend Community for Support

We have been following twin brothers Jacob and Cody Hollister for the past few weeks as they worked hard in training camp to make the New England Patriots roster.

Over the weekend, Central Oregon Daily was there in Foxborough, Massachusetts when the brothers found put that both of them had made the team and Jacob and Cody both wanted to thank everybody in Central Oregon, including Mountain View High School, for their support.

Trump Administration Repeals Program that Protects Undocumented Immigrants

The citizenship status of hundreds of thousands of “Dreamers” has been cast into doubt after President Trump ordered the United States Department of Justice to rescind the Obama-era program known as “Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals,” or, DACA.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan spoke to Brad Porterfield of Latino Community Association to look at how that could affect “Dreamers” here in Oregon.

Jack Compares Real Estate Prices in Lawrence, KS

We all know home prices in Bend continue to rise and for the average household income it’s near impossible to afford the median price of homes in Bend. Each week Jack Church searches to see what the average income can purchase in Bend while also comparing this to cities of similar size in other states around the country. This week our comparison city is Lawrence, Kansas with a population close to the same as Bend.

Oregon State Player Takes the Field for the Elks

Less than three weeks ago, analysts were calling the Oregon State Beavers one of the greatest college baseball teams of all-time. Then, their record-breaking season came crashing down with two straight losses in the College World Series.

As Central Oregon Daily’s Eric Lindstrom reports, one of those Beavers, a Central Oregon native, is back home this summer and playing for the Bend Elks.

24/Seven Theater Project at 2nd Street Theater

Local director Cricket Daniel and director/actress Sandy Silver join us to explain the crazy, fun, chaotic evening planned for Saturday, June 3rd at 2nd Street Theater. This is the 2nd annual 24/7 Theater Project. Seven playwrights select names from bags of actors, props and their scenario and have 24 hours to create 10-minute plays that are then cast, rehearsed and staged all within 24 hours.

Call 541-312-9626 or visit the 2nd Street Theater website for more information: