Defensible Space Saves Homes from Graham Fire

Some residents near Culver and Lake Billy Chinook are returning to their homes for the first time since evacuating from the threat posed by the Graham Fire last week.
Central Oregon Daily’s Lisa Carton spent Monday in the fire area to look at some of the damages left behind by the fire and the homes that were saved by firefighters and defensible spaces around the houses.

Supper Club: The Importance of Prescribed Burns

Another prescribed burn happened near Sisters this week, which is the latest in a series of controlled burns that are designed to prevent larger wildfires later in the season.

For this week’s Supper Club, Lisa Carton sat down with three fire experts to talk about why these burns are so important to do right now, at this time of the year. The month of May is also wildfire awareness month in Oregon.

Thanks to Deschutes County Forester, Ed Keith, Project Wildfire Program Coordinator, Alison Green, and Alex Robertson of Central Oregon Fire Management Service, for joining us.

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The Great Outdoors: Prescribed Burns Around the High Desert Museum

It’s that time of year when fire officials start lighting controlled burns to get rid of potential fuels on the ground for the upcoming wildfire season.

For this week’s Great Outdoors, Central Oregon Daily’s Brian Jennings takes a look at a prescribed burn scheduled to take place around one of the region’s biggest attractions, the High Desert Museum.

Thanks Brian for that report.

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Preparations for Fire Season

If you saw smoke south of Bend today and thought it is too early for wildfires, you were right. 
U.S. Forest Service-Deschutes National Forest workers kicked off their prescribed burn season today off China Hat Road, and Central Oregon Daily’s Allison Roecker was there when the controlled fires were ignited.

Crews Working to Reopen Old McKenzie Highway After Milli Fire

The impact of the Milli Fire that threatened the residents of Sisters over the summer is still being felt in the Deschutes National Forest.

On Thursday, Central Oregon Daily’s Allison Roecker got a chance to tour the damaged areas of the wilderness, where crews are working on reopening the Old McKenzie Highway.

From the Air to the Ground, Firefighters Tackle Central Oregon’s Largest Wildfire

Firefighters spent much of Friday building a line of defense between the northern end of the Milli Fire and land to the north and east of Sisters, as well as dropping retardant from the air.

Central Oregon Daily’s Allison Roecker has the latest on how firefighters are continuing to fight the blaze, and how long it will take to contain.

State Resources Arrive to Fight the 34,000 Acre Fire Burning North of Warm Springs

More than 100 firefighters from the Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal arrived on Friday to battle the Nena Springs Wildfire. The fire started on private property next to the Warm Springs Reservation on Tuesday and tripled in size by Thursday morning. As of Saturday morning at 10 a.m., the fire is only 4% contained.

On Friday, several structures were destroyed in the Simnasho area, but none of them were primary homes. One unoccupied home was burned on Wednesday when the fire grew over 20,000 acres, and several historic unoccupied outbuildings were destroyed in the first three days. The Schoolie Flats, Simnasho and S-300 subdivisions are all under a Level 3 Evacuation Notice and been requested to leave immediately.

The Kah-Nee-Ta Resort, the Charlie Canyon Subdivision and Wolf Point are not directly affected by tghe fire at this time, but they are all under a Level 1 Evacuation Notice, meaning they should be ready to leave if necessary.
The Northwest incident Management Team 12 has assumed command of the fire suppression activities and remind area residents that we are still under a Red Flag Warning with the possibility of high wind and additional lightning.

The S-300 road is closed, and Highway 3 is closed, except for local residents.

Warm Springs Blaze Grows by Thousands of Acres

A wildfire that started on Tuesday north of Warm Springs has tripled in size in the past 48 hours, and has now burned more than 21,000 acres. Late this afternoon, another Level Three Evacuation Order was given for 48 homes in the Schooly Flats Subdivision.

Central Oregon Daily’s Allison Roecker has the latest details on the Nena Springs Fire.