Oregon Senate Passes Rent Control Bill

Oregon is facing a housing crisis and lawmakers are scrambling to try and find solutions. One bill that could help was approved by the Oregon State Senate on Tuesday. The bill enhances protections for tenants and prohibits landlords from implementing high rent increases. SB 608 is now heading to the Oregon State House where it is also expected to pass. If passed it would be the country’s first state-wide rent control measure.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more on how the bill could affect tenants and landlords across the state.

Proposed Bill Could Bar Zoning for Single Family Homes

Today in Salem the House Committee on Human Services and Housing held its first hearing on HB-2001. The bill would allow for what is called “middle housing” on land currently zoned for single family homes. Middle housing is those housing types that fall between single family housing and large scale apartment complexes.
Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel has more on the bill and what communities it could affect.

Origin Story: Sisters Coffee Company

Every week we meet a Central Oregonian who turned their passion into a new creation or career path. In this week’s Origin Story, Central Oregon Daily’s Allison Roecker introduces us to the family behind the iconic Sisters Coffee Company, a family owned business that traces its roots from Oregon to Alaska and back again.

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Local School Tries to Curb Vaping Trend

Vaping among young adults and children is on the rise nationally and Central Oregon school aren’t immune from the issue. With teachers and health professional concerned about the potential health risks, communities having been trying to find way to curb the trend.

In Central Oregon, La Pine High School is spear heading a program that educated parents, community members and students about vaping, vape products and the potential health risks that could accompany them. The first meeting for the community was held Thursday night but school officials have said their doors are always open if parents or community members have questions.

Central Oregon Daily’s Cydney McFarland has more.

Second Candidate for COCC President Visits Bend

The second of three candidates applying to take over as Central Oregon Community College’s president is in town for a final interview and to meet the community.
Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel spoke with Dr. Tod Treat and has more information on the final candidate coming to town next week.

The Great Outdoors: Applying for Fishing & Hunting Licenses is Easier with an App

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to get a new fishing or hunting license. In this week’s Great Outdoors, Gary Lewis says the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has an app for that. 

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Adapting to Projected Growth

After six months of surveys and research, on Monday, public affairs organization Hubbell Communications released the results of a new study on growth in BendThe goal of the findings is to change the conversation about growth from whether it should happen or not to what residents and community leaders can do to better adapt to it.

Ward Hubbell, president of the public relations firm, says he hopes the findings of the study will help residents, both new and old, to bridge that gap between perception and reality, and move forward together as Bend grows in the coming years.

Accounting for Central Oregon’s Homeless Population

The Central Oregon Homeless Leadership Coalition is conduction its annual Point in Time Count, which tries to count the number of homeless residents of the tri-county area and Warm Springs Reservation. The point of the county is to make sure adequate services are in place to best help those struggling with homelessness locally.
This year the county is broadening its definition of homelessness in the hopes to help those who are also living in less than ideal situations. Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more.

2019 Oregon Legislature Will Consider Law For Kaylee Sawyer

The law, named for Bend resident Kaylee Sawyer, who was killed by a Central Oregon Community College Security Guard, would put provisions on campus security guards to help restrict some of their power. The law, which has been put forward by Kaylee’s family, would require things like required background checks for security officers and clear distinction between campus security and law enforcement.
Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more on how Kaylee’s family is stepping up to create positive change in her memory.