OSU-Cascades Hopes for Expansion

State lawmakers denied Oregon State University-Cascades the funding to expand the Bend campus last summer, which came as a shock to officials and the school donors who had been working to make a case for a new academic building.

However, there is new hope for expansion after governor Kate Brown requested 39 million dollars for the university in the upcoming legislative session.

The OSU-Cascades campus opened in 2016 but the university’s goal of expanding it’s facilities took a hit last summer when the state allocated the university just $9.5 million of the $69.5 million OSU-Cascades had hoped for.

“We’re asking in the 2018 session for $39 million to build the next academic building because that’s the most critical thing,” said Becky Johnson, vice president of OSU-Cascades. “if we don’t have space for students to be in classrooms and for faculty to have office space we simply can’t keep growing to meet the demands of the region.”

Late Friday, governor Brown announced an $88 million-dollar package of supplemental spending she wants for the Oregon higher education system and OSU-Cascades is slotted for $39 million of that if approved.

However, within hours of Friday’s announcement, at least one lawmaker was signaling his disapproval of the plan. Democratic representative Paul Evans of Monmouth County tweeted “There is still no logical rationale for added capacity at OSU-Cascades.”

House speaker Tina Kotek expressed a similar sentiment in July while explaining why only $9 million of the $1.3 billion dollar state bond package went to OSU-Cascades.

Physicians Warn of Health Effects During Smoky Days

If you’ve been having a hard time breathing lately, you’re not alone. Smoke from fires currently burning across Central Oregon have begun affecting residents’ health, even if they’re not in the path of the flames.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan spoke with Dr. Erin Follen of Coffman Vision Clinic and Dr. Nathan Boddie on how you can combat symptoms from smoke.

Wildfires in the Pacific Northwest

More than two million homes have been built in fire-prone areas in the Western United States since 1990. When you toss longer and hotter fire seasons into the equation, it adds up to more people at risk from wildfires than ever before.

Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson looks at a new study from wildfire experts and talks with representatives from Central Oregon Fire Management Services and the College of Forestry – OSU who say it’s not a matter of if, but when, the next deadly wildfire will hit Central Oregon.

Extreme Outdoors

We’re just a few hours away from the kickoff of Central Oregon’s only annual outdoor adventure show. From hunting and fishing gear to the latest R-V models, the Central Oregon Sportsmen’s Show has a little something for everyone who likes the great outdoors.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan give us a preview of extreme archery, one of the many attractions you can see at the show this weekend.

Destination Oregon: Cycling Along the Crooked River

For a community that prides itself on access to nature, it can be hard to find a secluded spot that you can have all to yourself. For this week’s Destination Oregon, sponsored by Robberson Ford, Mackenzie Wilson takes us to a bike trail along the Crooked River that could be just the thing for cyclists looking to get away from it all.

Advertising in the President Trump Era

Press conferences like the one this morning showed the wide range of issues and topics that President Trump has tackled in his first four weeks in office. Because of the barrage of high-profile policies coming out of the White House, some companies are scrambling to figure out how their brand will fare under this new administration.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel spoke with DVA Advertising & Public Relations about the risky business of trying to market your brand with a message in today’s political climate.

Brewery Series – Silver Moon Brewing

Silver Moon Brewing was Bend’s 3rd local brewery. Pamela Balmuth, Field Marketing Manager, joined Central Oregon Daily at 3pm to tell us the Silver Moon story and brought in some delicious brews to taste, including their amazing oatmeal pale ale “Ahh… Freak Oat!” Silver Moon features a great menu and frequent musical guests.