Prineville PD’s Random Acts of Kindness

Prineville residents who were stopped by their local police this week were in for a surprise. Instead of citations, residents were handed gift cards to places like the Prineville Coffee Company and Starbucks.

Prineville Police handed out gift cards instead of tickets for minor traffic violation but also handed out gift cards to residents who were just out walking their dogs, shoveling snow or doing errands.

It was part of the department’s Random Acts of Kindness program, which is meant to help build a positive relationship between the department and the community.

“Just generally the perception that we’re not just out there to give them a ticket or to take them to jail, but we’re normal people and we’re out there just to share some kindness and spread of holiday cheer,” said Prineville Sgt. James Peterson.

While the gift card giveaways are over for the year, Prineville police hope that spirit of community and paying it forward sticks around all year.

Central Oregon Daily’s Warren Shultz has more.

Supper Club: Future of Prineville

Prineville is now one of the fastest-growing regions in the country, so for this week’s Supper Club, we asked community leaders to join us to talk about how the city recovered from the great recession and how they’re dealing with the rapid growth now happening in their region.

Thanks to our Supper Club sponsor, Selco Community Credit Union for giving us the time and resources to talk about the issues that impact our region every Tuesday night on Central Oregon Daily.

Teaching Little Dogies New Tricks

The Crooked River Roundup is this weekend at the Crook County Fairgrounds in Prineville, and organizers are taking steps to make sure the events are crowd-pleasers.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan was shown how the cowboys have altered the chutes to give the steers a chance to get off to a faster start and go farther out into the arena during the roping events.

Meet the 2017 Crooked River Roundup Grand Marshal: Jody Stahancyk

Jody Stahancyk’s grandparents Joseph and Anna settled in Crook County in 1924 in a place on Lamonta Road. Jody was born in Prineville in 1948 at the old hospital on West 1st Street. She graduated from Crook County High School in 1966 and during her college and law school years she ran the Prineville Pool and taught many of the local children to swim. For the past 35 years, Jody has supported the Roundup with her annual party, BBQ and Queen Luncheon at the family ranch on Lamonta road. Jody is the Grand Marshal for this year’s Crooked River Roundup in Prineville. The rodeo runs from June 23-25 and the CCR races are July 12-15.

City Councilors Debate Recreational Marijuana

Ever since Oregon legalized the sale of recreational marijuana, cities and towns across the state have mostly jumped at the chance to join in and scoop up hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual tax revenue. However, on Tuesday, city councilors in Prineville are thinking about bucking that trend.

Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson went to Prineville to find out why.

Stranded in Juniper Acres

While most of us have been digging out of our driveways and sidewalks, one remote community east of Bend is asking for help to bring supplies in after their neighborhood was cut off from the rest of Crook County by the snow.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan looks at the efforts to get food and water to the stranded residents of Juniper Acres.