Walden Supporter Talks About Recent Protests and Controversy Leading Up to Town Hall

With all of the protests surrounding U.S. Representative Greg Walden in Bend over the last few weeks, you might think his seat will be in danger in the next election, but Representative Walden has been re-elected nine times since winning his seat in 1998, including last November’s election, in which he got 72 percent of the vote in Deschutes County.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel talked with one of Representative Walden’s supporters who talks about why he believes he is part of a larger silent majority.

District Attorney Critical of U.S. Attorney’s Move to Disband Scientific Panel

Forensic science has become an increasingly important tool in the prosecution and defense of criminal cases. Since 2013, an independent group of scientists, attorneys and law enforcement have been working on setting new and improved standards in forensics to make sure that junk science never determines the outcome of a case.

As Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel reports, District Attorney John Hummel is worried about the change that could affect the integrity of criminal cases here and across the country.

City and County Officials Deal with Growth in Central Oregon

It’s estimated that seven people a day are moving to Deschutes County, and it’s getting harder for county and city officials to keep up. Dealing with that growth was the focus of a joint meeting between Deschutes County commissioners and Bend City Councilors on Tuesday.

Central Oregon Daily’s Kelly Bleyer was at the meeting and joins us with details.

Missing Sex Offender in Bend Raises Questions

A convicted sex offender on post-prison supervision in Deschutes County has been missing for at least 13 days. Justin Lampke’s disappearance sparks questions about how sex offenders are monitored after being released from prison.

As Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson shows us, you may be surprised at how much leeway sex offenders are given after they’ve served their time.

Non-Medical Exemptions on the Rise

Wednesday, February 15 was “Exclusion Day” in Oregon, the day when schools can turn away children who are not up-to-date on their state-mandated vaccinations. However, state law allows parents to file for a non-medical exemption, and Deschutes County has one of the highest percentage of those exemptions in the state.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan looks at the ongoing debate about vaccinations that sparks passion on all sides.