Simple Cents: Lessons from an African Safari with David Rosell

David Rosell of Rosell Wealth Management continues his adventures with stories of a six month trip from Kenya to South Africa in the 90’s in his new book Keep Climbing: A Millennial’s Guide to Financial Planning. They found themselves stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere without food or any tools to help them get out. Being surrounded by lions and other wild animals, the team hunkered down for the night, played cards and talked about their lives. The lessons learned from this adventure is in making sure you always have the right tools on a long journey.

In his new book, David discusses the importance of investing in IRAs and 401Ks. The financial lessons in this book guide Millennials in their investing for a more secure future.

Simple Cents: Credit Scores and Your Financial Life

Troy Reinhart of Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management talks about how credit scores can affect your financial future, how credit scores are determined and how it affects your daily life. He also talks about how you can check your credit score safely, what to look for on your credit report and how you can improve and rebuild your credit score if you have past issues that have hurt your credit.