Hands-On Learning For Students Looking For Careers Right Out of High School

Governor Kate Brown made a case Monday for increased education funding and a focus on technical education programs across the state. The governor said more apprenticeships and hands-on learning will help students learn skills needed for higher-paying jobs in industries like technology, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing.

Central Oregon Daily’s Austin Reed visited one technical education class at Redmond High School and files this report.

Buehler’s Run for Governor: Part 1

Bend State Representative Dr. Knute Buehler is trying to become the first Republican to win an Oregon governor’s race in 30 years.
He announced his intention to run for the office last August, and since then, he has been traveling around the state meeting voters.

Buehler sat down for his first extensive broadcast interview since announcing his run with Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel and in part one they discuss how difficult this race could be for Buehler, a republican from the east side of the Cascades, who is taking on the incumbent democrat, current governor Kate Brown

Stay tuned for part two of Central Oregon Daily’s extensive interview with Buehler.

Republican Party Hopes for a Win in 2018 Election

The Republican party hasn’t won a governor’s race in Oregon since 1982. That’s why so much is at stake in the 2018 election between incumbent Kate Brown and the only current opponent from the Republican party, Bend, Oregon’s Knute Buehler.

Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel looks at the upcoming race and what political analysts are saying about Buehler’s chances of breaking that 35-year-old streak.

Bend Students Get to See State Government in Action During a Bill Signing

A new study shows opioid deaths have more than than tripled in the United States between 2000 and 2015. That’s why Governor Kate Brown launched a new Opioid Epidemic Task Force, which met for the first time this week to coordinate the efforts against the crisis at the local and state level.

Some eighth graders from Bend International School happened to be in Salem this week when Governor Brown ceremonially signed a new law to improve access to the treatment of opioid overdoses and addiction.

Governor Kate Brown Will Seek Office Again in 2018

In a statement released on Monday morning, Governor Kate Brown confirmed she will seek reelection as Oregon’s governor in 2018.

In her statement, Brown stressed the need to keep the momentum of job growth going and keeping the Medicaid expansion to make sure all Oregon children have health coverage.

Brown was secretary of state in 2015 before she took office when Governor John Ktizhaber resigned. She won re-election in 2016 to serve the last two years of Kitzhaber’s term.