Humane Society: Kato the Husky

Lynne Ouchida from the Humane Society of Central Oregon, joins us with Kato, an adorable Siberian husky who is our adoptable pet of the week, and to tell us about some upcoming events that benefit the Humane Society. Thanks to our sponsor Mike’s Fence Center for giving us the time and resources to meet a new adoptable animal each Monday on Central Oregon Daily.

La Pine Dog Breeder Charged

The Owner of The 53 Seized Dogs Faces Charges

A La Pine woman is facing felony charges tonight, a week after 53 dogs were seized from her property by the Deschutes County Sheriffs Office. 
Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel joined us with the latest details on the investigation.

63 year old Pamela G Kyler was cited and released on two counts of felony animal neglect. However, the Sheriffs office says that charges could be added or dropped depending on the dogs conditions as they move forward in the investigation.

Here in Central Oregon, a dozen of the dogs have been adopted so far and the Humane Society of Central Oregon says that the first set of puppies will be available for adoption soon.

They encourage you to continue checking their website to find out when they become available.

Dogs Seized From La Pine Property Get Ready for Adoption

Just days after more than 50 dogs were seized in La Pine Friday night, the Humane Society of Central Oregon says many of those dogs are thriving and could be ready to start new lives as early as the end of this week. Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has the latest on the criminal investigation against the dog’s previous owner and the dogs’ progress after medical treatment.

The Humane Society got a lot of support from the Bend Veterinary Clinic as well as LaPaw Animal Hospital but are still looking for donations. Monetary donations can be made online at, and the website will also tell you when dogs become available.

53 Dogs Seized from La Pine Home

The Deschutes County Sheriffs office has opened a criminal investigation after more than 50 dogs were seized in La Pine Saturday evening before being transported to the Central Oregon Humane Society in Bend.

On March 16 Deschutes County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the 51000 Block of Ash Road in La Pine to perform a welfare check on multiple dogs.

Deputies were permitted to perform a visual inspection of the dogs on the property and observed that minimum care standards for the animals were not being met. Additionally, deputies found one adult female dog and two puppies in distress and in need of urgent care. The adult female dog was taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment and has since been euthanized. The two puppies located with the adult female dog are being cared for at the Humane Society of Central Oregon, but their prognosis is uncertain.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the owner of the dogs is cooperating with investigators. During the initial stages of the investigation, she released ownership in the 53 dogs to the Humane Society of Central Oregon. Medical assessments have been ongoing throughout the weekend and the health of each dog varies. The breeds of the dogs removed from the property include Labradors, German Shorthairs and Dachshunds.

Since the Humane Society of Central Oregon did not have enough space to accommodate all 53 dogs rescued, 22 of them were picked up by the Oregon Humane Society and transported to Portland for continued treatment.

Even with those 22 dogs heading to Portland, the Humane Society of Central Oregon is at capacity and is asking for donations of soft blankets, food and toys for the new arrivals. Donation’s can be made online at WWW.HSCO.ORG/DONATE. The Humane Society will also provide more information about when and which dog will be available for adoption.

Dog Flu Hits Oregon

Taking Extra Precaution this Season

Oregon has its first confirmed case of dog flu in Grants Pass. 
The worst-case scenario can lead to pneumonia and even death.
Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan went to the Humane Society of Central Oregon to see what kind of precautions they are taking.
You can discuss your dogs specific risk factors with your veterinarian who can determine what is best for your pet.

New Bill Could Ban Breeders from Pet Stores

A bill currently making its way through Salem could ban Oregon pet stores from selling pets from breeders in an effort to cut down on puppy mills. The bill would require pet stores to only sell animals from local humane societies or pet rescue groups or face fines up to $500.

Proponents of House Bill 4045 hope it would lead to more adoptions of shelter animals and cut off the demand for puppies from puppy mills, which are known for housing dogs in inhumane conditions.

“Anything that gets more shelter animals adopted is a good thing,” said Karen Burns of the Humane Society of Central Oregon. “Hopefully it’s going to deter the owners of those puppy mills from overbreeding their animals and hopefully this is a starting point of getting those puppy mills shut down.”

However, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council says that pet stores are already required to purchase pets from registered breeders. Currently those breeders are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Advisory Council also pointed out that rescue dogs don’t always come with health history or warrants.

“This bill does companion animals, per care professionals and prospective dog owners alike no good and plenty of harm,” said Mike Bober, president of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council. “Rescues and shelters do great work, but are not as highly regulated for animal welfare and consumer protection.”

Burns argues that dogs from puppy mills tend to have more health problems down the road due to overbreeding than many of the pets found in local shelters. Shelters also provide vaccines, spay and neuter services and vet checks for all of their animals.

A similar bill was passed in California and applies to dogs, cats and rabbits and is scheduled to take effect in January 2019. Oregon humane societies are pushing for cats to be included in House Bill 4045 as well.


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