3-Diculous: Madras White Buffaloes’ New Approach to Basketball

The boys’ basketball team at Madras High School is making a playoff run with the help of an unusual style of play they have dubbed “3-diculous”.

Central Oregon Daily’s Eric Lindstrom looks at how the White Buffaloes have used a fast-paced offense and high-pressure defense to become the top-scoring 4A team in the state.

City of Madras Calls for Very Own Craft Brewery

At last count, Central Oregon has 28 craft breweries from Bend to Prineville, but one community has yet to cash-in on one of the fastest growing industries in the region. Now, city leaders of Madras are trying to change that.

Central Oregon Daily’s Austin Reed looks at the efforts of Madras officials to bring a brewery to their city.

Keep Your Eyes Safe While Watching the Solar Eclipse This August

Dr. Winter Lewis from InFocus Eye Care talks about what type of eye protection is needed during the solar eclipse on August 21st. Many people across Central Oregon will set their sights on the total solar eclipse and without the proper glasses, damage to the cornea can occur.

When direct viewing, glasses have to meet the ISO requirements. For everyday protection, especially in a place where outdoor fun is always on the list, make sure you’re wearing sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection. Particularly when you’re skiing or playing in the snow or paddling down the Deschutes River.

Madras Airshow Crash: Deadly Biplane Crash Caught on Tape

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are working together to investigate the deadly crash of a biplane in MadrasSaturday night. Spectators at the Airshow of the Cascades were there to see planes of all kinds perform stunts for the crowd, but one biplane did a low-altitude loop and hit the ground – a moment that was caught on tape by a dashcam inside a nearby car.