Pacific Crest Trail Closures Force Hikers to Take Alternative Route

This summer’s wildfires are also having an impact on some people who are trying to scratch a trip of a lifetime off their bucket lists and you may have noticed an increase in the number of hikers walking along Highway 97 in recent weeks.

Central Oregon Daily’s Tim Wehde noticed it too, and he went with Chris Biggs to talk to some of those hikers.

The Great Outdoors: Preserving the Pacific Crest Trail

There are so many popular trails for hikers to enjoy in Central Oregon that it’s easy to forget that those trails didn’t just happen. They were created so that millions of visitors could enjoy them every year and they have to be maintained to keep them accessible to everyone.

In this week’s Great Outdoors, sponsored by Camp Abbot Trading Company in Sunriver, Brian Jennings meets the volunteers who work year-around to protect and preserve one of the longest trails in North America.