Supper Club: City Club Regional Forum

For this week’s Supper Club, Donna Britt attended the City Club regional forum at Eagle Crest in Redmond, titled: Growth’s Impact on our Communities. The speakers included local city managers and a mayor from Bend, Redmond, La Pine, Prineville, Sisters and Madras.

Moderator Scott Aycock with the Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council set the stage with some impressive statistics. Since 1990, Central Oregon has grown 122 percent. By 2025, there will be another 37,000 people here. By 2040, another 113,000 and the population is expected to double with another 250,000 people by 2065.

How are the diverse communities in our region planning for this growth and what are some of the challenges they are facing? This was the conversation at the City Club forum and some highlights of that conversation make up this week’s Supper Club.

Thanks to City Club for inviting us to their regional forum and thanks to all of the city managers for their input. 

A special thanks to our Supper Club sponsors, Selco Community Credit Union, for giving us the time and resources to talk about the issues that impact our region every Tuesday night on Central Oregon Daily.

Oregon Mayors Marry

Redmond, Oregon Mayor George Endicott’s life was turned upside down in 2014 when his wife Lynda died only a few days after being diagnosed with cancer. Three years later, he is a newlywed married to another Oregon mayor.

Central Oregon Daily’s Donna Britt sat down with Mayor Endicott and his new wife, Krisanna Clark, to talk about how they found love after loss.

NFL Quarterback’s Refusal To Stand During National Anthem Sparks Nationwide Debate

Political statements from professional athletes are nothing new. From Muhammad Ali’s refusal to enter the Vietnam War, to the two Olympic runners who raised their fists in the Black Power salute on the medal stand at the 1968 Olympics, athletes have used their high-profile positions to take a stand about causes important to them. The beloved baseball pioneer and Civil Rights activist Jackie Robinson refused to stand during the national anthem during his playing days, saying he didn’t support what the American flag stood for. Tonight, NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is under fire for taking that same stand. Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan looks at how everyone from veterans, to law enforcement, are reacting to Kaepernick’s actions.