Nonprofit Aims to Prevent Suicide Due to Bullying in Schools

It’s a problem across the country, but when a Bend teenager was bullied on campus, her mother began to fear for her safety and worry about the possibility of losing her daughter to suicide.

Anyssa Bohanan looks at what the local nonprofit group Younity is doing to try to stop the kind of bullying that is happening in Central Oregon.

School Officials, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services to Bring Youth Suicide Awareness

Bend-La Pine Schools is teaming up with the Bend Police Department and other community groups to raise awareness about suicide after two recent confirmed deaths by suicide among students in Deschutes County.

Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson reports on the efforts of the safe schools alliance to bring more parents and students into the discussion.

Experts Talk Suicide Prevention for Teens and Young Adults

Experts say “silence is death” when it comes to trying to prevent suicides, especially where teenagers are concerned.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan takes a look at some of the resources available in the community for residents who many be troubled or having suicidal thoughts.

If you, or someone you know, is having suicidal thoughts, visit:, or call any of the following:

The Deschutes County Mental Health Hotline:

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-TALK (8255)

Mobile Crisis Team: 541-322-7500 ext. 9

Taking Guns Out of the Hands of Suicidal Teens

As a parent, you’ll do anything to keep your child safe, but more than 1.7 million children live in homes where there are unsecured and loaded guns. Statistics show there are guns in more than 40% of the homes in Deschutes County alone.

Central Oregon Daily’s Mackenzie Wilson sat down with a local mother who is part of the Moms Demand Action – OR to talk about the relationship between teens, guns and suicide.

Health Officials Recognize Increase in Suicide Awareness

The Oregon Health Authority released a list of resources and information for teens and families dealing with suicide after recognizing an increase in suicide awareness in Oregon and across the country, because of a new Netflix show called “13 Reasons Why,” the story of a teenage girl who takes her own life.
Experts say “silence is death” when it comes to teen suicide, and it is an especially important message in the wake of three recent teen suicides in Deschutes County in the past month.

Nonprofit Highlights Speaking Openly About Suicide Awareness

State lawmakers and community leaders have held events in Central Oregon and in Salem over the past week to raise awareness about suicide, a topic that is hitting close to home, as Central Oregon Daily learned of two suicides in the past two weeks, one a high school student and another, a middle school student.

Central Oregon Daily’s Diane Dean sat down with Melissa Trombetta, a member of the nonprofit organization Lines for Life, to try and speak openly about this growing epidemic in Oregon.