Road Closures in Bend

Some big changes are in store for drivers on the City of Bend’s west and northeast sides as everyone comes back from the summer break.
The 14th Street Reconstruction Project is being funded by a voter-approved transportation bond that was passed back in 2011, but it’s just now entering it’s final phase of construction.
Beginning on Tuesday, the stretch of 14th street between Galveston Avenue and Albany Avenue will be closed in both directions, so detours will be in place to wind around to the west to avoid the construction. However, that isn’t the only road closure planned for Bend residents.
Beginning September 10th, Empire Avenue will be closed between 18th Street and Purcell for stage one of the Empire Corridor improvements. Those improvements will include reconstructing the existing roadway, widening Empire to include medians and a turn lane at Desert Sage, adding sidewalks and curbs, widening bike lanes, and installing new landscaping in between the curb and sidewalks.
This stretch of Empire is expected to be closed to all traffic until at least early December, and future projects could include a new roundabout at Empire and Purcell, and the extension of Empire all the way through from Purcell to 27th.

14th Street Reconstruction to Cause Delays

Southbound traffic was restricted along 14th Street between Galveston and Newport Avenues today as crews from Cascade Natural Gas are tearing up sections of the street in order to do some structural updates ahead of the city’s road restoration project. City crews are expected to start their work on April 2nd.

City crews will be working on 14th Street between Galveston and Newport Avenues and on Century Drive between Simpson and Albany Avenues in the coming weeks. The Simpson Avenue round a bout will also be closed as part of the project. The city has provided detours along Shevlin Park road, Skyliners Road and Mt Washington Drive for this project, which is meant to fix some failing infrastructure.

The 14th Street reconstruction is the final project of the city’s General Obligation Bond, which was passed by voters in 2011.

“This project is basically upgrading a lot of failing infrastructure to meet urban standards,” said project manager Garrett Sabourin. “So we’re reconstructing the road to basically have that same three lane and two lane configuration that you see today. With the addition of wider bike lanes, connected sidewalk, safer crossings and accessibility between the commercial and residential areas.”

Drivers will still have access to the businesses along Century Drive despite the closure of the Simpson round a bout. The round a bouts on Newport and Galveston Avenues will both remain open during construction.

The city is asking drivers to be cautious when navigating both the construction zones and the detours since they run through residential neighborhoods on the west side. Construction will also shut down two bus stops; one on west Kingston Avenue and one on 14th street. Transit riders can find out more about detours and stop closures on

The city will also be updating detours as needed and will be sending that information to the Google Waze app to help drivers find the fastest route.

City crews will primarily be working along century drive starting next week then will move down to work on 14th street. The entire project is estimated to take about 10 weeks to complete.