Destination Oregon: Old Aurora Colony Museum

In the mid 1800’s, a Christian communal group pulled up stakes and headed down the Oregon Trail, eventually landing in the Willamette Valley outside Portland. They prospered there for more than 30 years before disbanding.

For this week’s Destination Oregon, sponsored by Robberson Ford, Dave Jones shows us the Old Aurora Colony Museum, a remarkable historical museum that pays tribute to their trek.

Destination Oregon: Tamástslikt Cultural Institute

The Umatilla Cayuse and Walla Walla Native American tribes call Northeast Oregon and Southeast Washington home, and have for thousands of years.

For this week’s Destination Oregon, sponsored by Robberson Ford, Dave Jones takes us to Tamástslikt Cultural Institute in Pendleton dedicated to the history and future of the Umatilla Cayuse and Walla Walla tribes.

Destination Oregon: The Schooner Restaurant

The tiny beach town of Netarts is located on Netarts Bay in Tillamook County. The sleepy little town has not changed much over the years … small cabins, second homes, crabbing in the bay, beachcombing.

For this week’s Destination Oregon, sponsored by Robberson FordDave Jones takes us to the one thing that has changed in Netarts, the Schooner Restaurant.

Destination Oregon: Pendleton Round-Up Volunteers

The 107th Pendleton Round-Up starts next week. The best cowboys and cowgirls in the land will compete in the historic rodeo, which wouldn’t be able to take place if not for the hard work of more than 1,400 volunteers.

For this week’s Destination Oregon, sponsored by Robberson Ford, Dave Jones meets some of those volunteers and gets his own hands a little dirty too.

The Great Outdoors: Fremont’s Mapping of the Oregon Trail

Most of us take road maps for granted. It’s easy for today’s travelers to get a clear map to guide them on their way. However, this was not true with early voyagers who had to make their own maps, and one of the most significant chart-making explorers of the 19th century was Captain John C. Fremont, mapping the way for hundreds of thousands of those who came west over the Oregon Trail.

In this week’s Great Outdoors, sponsored by Camp Abbot Trading Company in Sunriver, Brian Jennings tells the story.