Update On Investigation into OSP Officer

Restraining Order Filed Against Captain WIlliam Fugate

The Deschutes County Sheriffs office is in the early stages of the investigation, but say it is not related to his employment or on-duty conduct.

The issue may have to do with a restraining order taken out against Fugate by his wife Georgina Monrean-Fugate on February 28th.

In the restraining order, Georgina said her husband had a history of abusive behaviors and described one incident in November, where she says her husband came home late at night, took her phone and held her in the house. She said he had a gun, and she feared for her safety.

The order was approved by Judge Alta Brady and included that Fugate have no contact with his wife or their two children, bans him from coming with 500 feet of his wife and asked that he be unable to buy or possess a firearm.

The Fugates have been going through a divorce prior to this order.

The investigation started due to an anonymous report of a criminal allegation relating to Fugate on Tuesday night.

The tip was enough to spur the Sheriffs office into initiating a criminal investigation and for the OSP Superintendent to place Fugate on administrative leave Wednesday.

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